Trading and gambling have similarities due to the high risk associated with them. However, trading cannot be further away from this assumption. Whereas gambling purely relies on luck and chance, trading does have a science to it. It is simply identifying the off-peak and peak of a cryptocurrency’s price or a company’s stock price. By observing these patterns, a good trader is able to predict these split second moments where the price drops drastically and take this chance to buy. A trader will then sell when the price rises significantly, or when they feel they have gotten value for their money. Buy low sell high, Steve (2016). By observing these trends, anyone can be a trader.

Crypto trading has a few differences from trading in stock. For one, cryptocurrency prices are always on an upward trajectory. Meaning that even though in between there are minute drops and hikes in price, the price of cryptocurrency, eventually must rise. This is due to the lack of regulation. That same reason brings out the difference in stock trading because, due to regulation, the stock price can rise and fall but there are boundaries that it can’t break going upwards. The other difference is that it is hard to get clearance to trade in the international stock market, plus a required minimum account balance or opening balance depending on the exchanges. For crypto, you simply start with what you have, and so you can just buy the crypto you can afford.

Swing trading and day trading, are terms used regularly in trading. Basically, Swing trading is buying and selling that occurs within minutes or even seconds, depending on how fast the variations in price happens in the exchanges. Day trading on the other hand is buying today and selling some other day depending again on price. Others especially hedge funds and venture capitals may take a longer-term approach in this but the determinant is the same, price.

Cryptocurrency therefore becomes the least volatile product to hold in the market, because of its ability to gain immense value, with few or no factors to consider. If you place your money on any crypto today, you stand to earn up to a hundred fold in the next decade. I guess you already know that I am about to suggest that you do just that and start by acquiring Ubricoin.


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