Ubricoin was nothing short of a happy accident. Like most great discoveries, Ubricoin was a product of necessity. Before Ubricoin was developed, the developers were working on another project that could not be further away from crypto. The project was Soko Janja, an online market place that would give farmers, artisans and other neglected tradesmen a platform to sell goods directly to consumers thus cutting out the middleman. Intermediaries have been a thorn in our economy since time immemorial, which is a problem that every honest producer of goods and services has had to cope with.

Soko Janja therefore came in to save the producers and to put a knife through the heart of the beast. This however came with a few unforeseen challenges, one of which was mode of payment. Major banks declined to offer their services because the origin of Soko Janja was simply in an unsupported region. This forced Soko Janja founders to go looking for the next best option, which happened to be Bitcoin, a crypto currency. Due to its lack of a regulatory body, the integration with Bitcoin was seamless. However, Bitcoins value is off the charts and so very few people can manage to acquire Bitcoin, especially grassroots business people. That is when Soko Janja founders decided to develop their own crypto currency, to act as a mode of payment in the platform. So forth came Ubricoin.

Ubricoin has now diversified and is a champion for global health and economic prosperity. In addition to facilitating direct transactions through Soko Janja, Ubricoin strives to fund research in medicine, build state of the art research facilities and building medical facilities that will humble medical bills while improving medical services. For access to this world full of wealth of all shapes and forms, you have to hold the futuristic currency that will enable you to enjoy these services. Ubricoins value is now at Ksh100, the equivalent of $1. Buy now to enjoy later.

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