If you have bought your Ubricoin and are wondering what you are supposed to do with it, worry no more. I am here to shed light on that.
Incase you still have not bought your Ubricoin, here is a link that explains how to do that.

Ubricoin, upon sale completion will be the standard payment for health services in the country and perhaps the world. What this means is that, like any other currency, Ubricoin will be a convenient mode of payment that will ensure no third party, transaction free and corruption free for everyone and anyone that wishes to access medical services.

Using Ubricoin will enable it’s holders to pay for goods and services using the coin without incurring charges from exchange rates. No middlemen or organisations will be involved in validating your transactions. As such Ubricoin holders will be able to participate in all Ubrica projects, including Soko Janja, an online retail space, to purchase local products.
Use of Ubricoin for financial transactions shall be rewarded as well.
Buying from local suppliers and manufacturers on SokoJanja will attract rewards.

On issues adaptability, the currency will have to work along with a value chain. A value chain comprises of exchange of items for Ubricoin. For example, You will be able to pay for hotel services, or any other service for that matter, using Ubricoin available in your wallet.

Ubricoin is a utility token. And what that means is that a utility token gives you access to products and services. Once you are a Ubricoin holder, you are subject to access to Ubrica’s ecosystem. Ubrica will issue tokens for development of it’s projects and that will allow the token holders to access different Ubrica products and services in future. Token holders will get medical services at URCCs without paying physical cash.

The eventuality of Ubricoin is that, it will appraise in value. Just like common stock does. Then, Ubricoin will be regarded as an investment instrument. That is to mean that the more coins you own, the more value you have of them. The power for crypto-currency to increase in value (as Bitcoin did), puts it in comparison with precious metals. In the same way, the coin will serve as store of value. It is projected that in the near future, people will be trading Ubricoin at international exchanges and using the coin international. The exchanges are currently going on in Kenya.

Ubricoin will facilitate the creation of an incentive program to reward excellence in education, research and practice. The coin will develop the health industry to create market intelligence through a cryptocurrency reward system that will inspire positive contribution towards health improvement around the world. Educators at all levels of education, researchers and practitioners at all levels will receive reward for excellence, quality of work and positive contribution to society.

Ubricoin will build financial incentives for traditionally marginalised hard working people who contribute knowledge for the betterment of humanity. Indigenous knowledge and overall knowledgeable input shall be rewarded. Ubrica through Ubricoin shall improve quality of medical services by supporting design, development and science and technology parks, (STPs) adjacent to all universities in Kenya. The STPs will promote translation and commercialisation of university and community knowledge. This will bring to being new knowledge technologies and services that are of great quality. And that all, shall be rewarded.

Like Dr.Macharia, The CEO of Ubrica once said, “Buy Ubricoin and have access to universal health and Ubrica’s ecosystem. Be part of the solution to drive corruption out of the country and enjoy learning new style of governance.”


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