As you can imagine, with changing technology comes the opportunity to do different things in a different way. It is a constant cycle of learning. This article aims to educate cryptomaniacs on how to purchase the piece of technology that has been creating a buzz in Nairobi, Ubricoin.

The preferred platform for purchases is Mpesa. A mobile money platform that has revolutionized mobile banking and cash transactions in the country. To purchase ubricoin, follow the following steps closely.

Click on Mpesa

Select Lipa na Mpesa

Select Buy Goods and Services

Till number 599019

Amount Ksh100 or more

On receiving your Mpesa transaction message, forward the message as is to the phone number,
0755 844 017.

Following the confirmation of a successful transaction, a customer care representative will reach out to you to obtain your wallet address. UBNs worth the amount paid, will be sent to your wallet address. It is therefore important to note that you will need to open an ERC20 compatible wallet. Namely Trust wallet, Coinomi wallet and Metamask before the transactions can go through. Now be among scores of Ubricoin holders.


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