Like any avenue in this generation, you first have to be an account holder in order to exploit the benefits of that avenue fully. Finexbox is no different and so in order to trade in Finexbox; you need to open an account. You just need to feel in your email address, your password, confirm your password and you are good to go. An email will automatically go to your email address and from there you can complete the sign up.

Once logged in, you can have a look at the different cryptocurrencies that are available on Finexbox. Search for that specific crypto that you want to trade by scrolling down the list. You have to make sure that the crypto is available for trade on the site before you can deposit the amount that you would like to trade. Once you find your crypto of choice (Ubricoin), follow the steps below.


Click on Ubricoin. This will take you to a page that gives you a QR code.

Click on Display QR code. This gives you an address to which you can deposit the amount of cryptocurrency that you would like to trade.

Go to your Wallet and deposit your Ubricoins on the address given i.e. 0x1f7b51v865cgjkf8o75ghfjl7857jhfj785680h8768jkgh09jh.

Once deposited, go back to Finexbox to confirm that the transaction has gone through and marked under the status column as Complete.

Once confirmed, click on the FINEXBOX logo, which will then take you to the payers’ page, i.e. ETH, LTC and USDT.

Click on the one that you would like to exchange with your Ubricoin.

Fill in your selling price on the Sell UBN dialog box. Then add the number of UBNs you are selling.

Click on Sell.


As you can imagine, it does not get easier than that.


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