Have you joined a trading squad yet, well you should. A trading squad is a group of people who come together to collaborate resources for effective and efficient trading. This is because trading is a somewhat difficult exercise to carry out on your own when starting. By having four to five people in your corner, you stand a better chance of being a lucrative crypto trader.

Being in a trading squad of 5 to 10 people is extremely beneficial. Since in this era it is hard to find time to follow the trends of different cryptos in the exchanges, which is vital in trading. It is fundamental to have eyes on the exchanges, which will notify you of any significant changes in crypto value so that you can buy or sell in time.

Whether you are trading fiat for crypto, or crypto for crypto, there are items that you would need to check off your checklist. Validity of the exchange you wish to trade in is extremely important. You need to make sure that the exchange is available in your region and has a good reputation. You also need to keep an eye on the exchange rates in those exchanges since they vary from exchange to exchange. Safety is another key factor in trading. This is to ensure that you do not lose you investment over a cyber-attack; the last is ease to trade, which is a plus for a beginner.

The above is all easier to keep up with if you belong in a group of crypto enthusiasts who act as a pool of information. With a trading squad, you are more likely to make profitable trades than when trading alone. This is because by borrowing a bit of expertise from each group member, the information when reconciled is equal to a seasoned trader’s knowledge on exchanges.

My urge to you is to start now. Find a friend, tell them about crypto and repeat.  Unemployment has managed to spread out worldwide, and this could be another way to relief the frustration by becoming a trader. Think of it as starting a mini hedge fund. Be a wolf of Wall Street.


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