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In the financial world trading means buying and selling an asset with the intentions of making profits. Trading cryptocurrency is a risky and volatile business and therefore in as much as people do it for profit this is always not the case. People have made lots of money overnight and others have made losses to an extent losing all their investments. Now before venturing into crypto trading, you need to understand the types of trading. There are two types of trading, short term and long term trading. The difference in both is the period of holding the assets (coins) before trading.

As the name suggests, short term trading is where you buy crypto and hold it for short period of time. This period is usually a minutes, an hour, a few days or weeks. In most cases, this is motivated by the need to make easy and quick money. It however involves a lot of market analysis and speculations based on the fact that crypto market is unpredictable, one moment its low and the next it is high. It is also referred to as day trading.

Long term trading on the other hand is the opposite of short term trading. It involves buying crypto and holding it for a very long time like a year or more. Take an example if you buy Ubricoin for Sh.100 and in 2025 sell it at Sh.5000 you would’ve made a lot of profits. This however is not guaranteed as I had mentioned. This kind of trading is perfect for those who don’t have the time to study the market.  It also makes one miss out on the opportunity of making a quick cash.

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