Since it was officially, announced last year, Ubricoin has been gaining traction day after day. This global health champion spreads a message of hope to all that have been, neglected by health providers. It gives a lasting solution to the dying Jua Kali market while providing a better alternative for Fiat currency.

A few weeks ago, the first largescale purchase of land was made using UBN. A tract of land worth 300 million Kenya shillings was, purchased for 3 million UBN. “This exchange of value generated a Transaction Hash, that serves both as a receipt of the proceeds of sale and a permanent record of the transaction (i.e. Title Deed)” (Wachira, 2019). This eliminates the need to holding documentation to validate ownership, as it already exists. Land purchases made on Ubricoin serve to eliminate unnecessary processes, and make it an easy transaction.

The influence of this crypto has even, been felt across borders. The platforms for which it was, created helps in offloading artisan products and farm produce. “Members of New England Chapter of Co-operative Society of Ubricans’ hosted a successful show of products of Kenya at the African Festival, held in Lowell, Massachusetts, Saturday June 17, 2017” (Leyla, 2017).

Despite the successes highlighted above, Ubrica and Ubricoin is creating employment for youthful creative content creators such as digital marketing specialists and bloggers. This is a community that was previously, neglected in the Kenyan employment landscape. As the crypto continues to gain momentum, be among the success stories told about Ubricoin. Buy Ubricoin.


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