Time to use the coins. Ubricoin accepted here!

Ubricoin is arguably the most successful cryptocurrency in Kenya and with the attention it is getting, it is spreading very fast. The spread and growth is too fast that it is now being used to buy goods and services. Recently, Ubricoins were used to buy a piece of land. Yes a piece of land. As at the time of transaction, 1 UBN was equivalent to KSh.100 and the land in question was going at KSh.300M. this means that they paid 3M UBN to complete the transfer of ownership. Crazy right? Well that’s not all.

Another milestone is the acceptance of Ubricoins to pay for food in restaurants. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as people are beginning to understand crypto. However, if you told me few years ago that I would be using crypto in Kenya in 2019, I wouldn’t have agreed with you. Well here we are, the first restaurant, Betty’s Place, which is in Nyeri town has come to an agreement with Ubrica to accept Ubricoins (UBN) as an alternative mode of payment. They say the journey of a thousand miles start with a step, Ubricoin continues to take the crypto market by storm and make their mark.

For those in Nyeri or are visiting Nyeri town soon be sure to pass by Betty’s Place and Ubricoins to buy food and have a good time with your loved ones. For those who can’t make it there don’t be worried, Ubricoin is coming near you! You’ll soon be able to pay for your dream house or buy that phone or car you’ve always wanted.

To buy Ubricoins (UBNs) go to https://ubricoin.ubrica.com/buy-ubricoin/.

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