Be a health ambassador at Ubrica

Ubrica’s main objective is to decentralize healthcare in the world. A lot of people especially those from poor families always have a hard time accessing quality and affordable healthcare. Ubrica has programs put in place to ensure quality affordable access to healthcare. To push this agenda, they have the World Ubricoin Ambassador Program (WUAP). Over 1,000 ambassadors are needed from all over the world with Kenya having half of the number with 500 ambassadors.

Responsibilities of an ambassador includes finding like-minded people around the world and forming a society of Ubricans in your region. Educating your circle of people on cryptocurrency in health and life science. Finding ways on how to improve access to quality and affordable global healthcare. To qualify you must have quality leadership skills, people and communication skills, online presence, willing to learn and gain knowledge on cryptocurrency.

As an ambassador, benefits include 5,000 UBN monthly , you’ll also be the first to be informed on Ubrica opportunities and activities, have tickets reserved to Ubrica events, receive an ambassadorial certificate after 24 months of service and a recommendation letter based on performance.

You will report to Fridah Butale who is the Chief Ambassador in Nairobi. Application to be sent to  and subject of your email ‘to serve as an ambassador.’ For more information, send an email to or or call the office +254780743174

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