Human beings have developed a kind of knee-jerk reaction whenever they are presented with ideas that seem too good to be true. They will jump into conclusions that whatever it is, if it is masked under a slogan of helping people attain wealth or improve their general wellbeing, it is a scam or a pyramid scheme. And the assumptions have been right for a majority of times but not today, so thank God it’s Friday. Let me enlighten you about Ubrica’s program to boost university science and provide technology parks for the young tech enthusiasts with no platform in which to turn their ideas into actionable knowledge and commercial technology.

What we are used to are hubs which mostly host people working out of a computer, and so the cost of supporting these young minds is limited to internet access, space for operations, colleagues for insight. And in the fruition of your startup, you get to hand over a percentage of your startup to the so called hubs and then they call it helping the youth, except it’s more like exploiting.

Ubrica will change this whole norm with Ubricoin. Ubrica would like to fund the construction of Technology Parks which are geared towards sharing of knowledge, promoting and encouraging innovation an advancing research to viable commercial products. Imagine having a world class tech lab at your disposal with all resources available. A place where you can finally begin the development of that space ship that has been a burning flame in the back of your mind. Having a dedicated area for testing its practicality and its limits. That is what Ubrica has promised. And I don’t want to blow your mind but Ubrica is generous and does not wish to merely build one state of the art technology facility.

Our higher education institutions are greatly under resourced and this comes as a welcome initiative to better the lives of the young brilliant minds in these institutions. This parks are not limited to universities, but they are a platform where the government and private companies may collaborate as well because it will also serve as a pool of skilled, talented labor for prospective employers. This move is set to promote and facilitate business development and entrepreneurship by bringing researchers together with experienced entrepreneurs and investors to form companies for commercializing university technology.

Ubrica is bringing to the world a second chance. A shot that many have been deprived of due to the simple lack of financial support, mentorship and protection from scammers on intellectual property. Ubrica will ensure that patents and copyrights remain with the founder and will register successful startups in their database, which is available to the masses in order to catalyze relations between startups and investors. I didn’t want to blow your mind but Ubrica simply couldn’t help it.

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