I am beyond delighted to announce to you that UBRICA will be enrolling people through the Academy and Society of UBRICANS project which is a program that will offer courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency trading

UBRICA is aimed at solving three fundental problems in health which are access, quality and cost of health. The courses that will be provided will help you understand cryptocurrency and how Ubricoin will be used in health production.

The courses are set to begin on this coming 13th of August, and will run for eight weeks.
They will handle everything you need to know about blockchain and trading of cryptocurrencies.
There will be an intermediate training class and an advanced training class which are in line with trading cryptocurrencies and are aimed at making you a pro at trading.
The course will give insight about fundamental issues on blockchain and shed light on how to implement what you will learn.
Some of the courses to be taught are;
1. Introduction to blockchain
2. Concept of smart contract
3. Consensus algorithm
4. Blockchain mining and
5. Research levels in blockchain.

The facilitators of this eight week course will be the very able Denis Ogeta, Jordan Muthemba and Kelvin Kamiti, from the blockchain team in UBRICA.

The course will cost 1 ETH, which transaltes to 200$ or 20,000 Ksh for all eight weeks.

To get started, visit,
Then on your left you’ll see a ‘courses’ icon.
Click on it.
You will see the option of ‘member login’.
To get access to the content, you will have to pay a fee of 40$, or 4000 Ksh for each course.

The courses will be offered online so you do not have to worry about commuting. You get informed in the comfort of your location. Do not miss out on this learning opportunity. You can never stop learning. Make every opportunity a learning chance. Mark your calender. I know I have.

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