Ubricoin is a cryptocurrency under UBRICA.
UBRICA developed Ubricoin on blockchain to serve as a platform devoted to improving quality of health for all.
It is a life science and heath production organization that uses Ubricoin to avail health care and is aimed at achieving global health.
In that light, UBRICA hereby is looking to hire Ubricoin ambassadors across the globe and in Kenya, who will be very helpful in creating awareness and serving as link between the company and people in society.

UBRICA is in search of 500 ambassadors in Kenya alone, and 500 more ambassadors to serve in the diaspora. The company is therefore in search of 1000 ambassadors in total.

Applications are required to have the subject matter as , APPLICATION TO SERVE AS AN AMBASSADOR FOR UBRICOIN IN THE WORLD.

You are also required to state where you are from.


  1. Upon qualification, ambassadors will report to the Chief Ubricoin Ambassador in Nairobi or as you shall be adviced.
  2. Ambassadors will help find other ambassadors all over the world. People who will and can support understanding of the Ubricoin and UBRICA.
  3. You will help develop and grow a society of Ubricans and help educate people about cryptocurrencies and what cryptos can do in health production and life science itself. You will help identify ways to improve conditions of health and especially problems in access, quality and how to achieve low cost of health by increasing supply of money (Ubn) and increasing health facilities which will help provide disease prevention services and advice and curative services and medical care.
  4. You will be the face and voice of health in the world, your region and family. In this connection, you will be required to familiarise yourself with the vision of UBRICA and what cryptocurrency can do for sustainable health attainment. You will work closely with the organisation to conseptualise what you are adviced to do in every step.
  5. Educating people to learn more about UBRICA and Ubricoin and monitoring feedback from the people you talk to, (your circle of influence) so as to communicate with them effectively.

Qualities we are looking for;
a) Excellent leadership abilities.
b) Communication and good interpersonal engagement skills.
c) Have passion for building and growing relationships with others.
d) Someone who is will wiling to learn and gain knowledge about blockchain technology and cryotocurrency in general so as to be better placed to communicate with other people.
e) A team player.

Opportunities from the job

  1. You will be first to be informed about UBRICA activities.
  2. Entry tickets will be reserved for you at any event organised or sponsored by UBRICA and especially in your locality.
  3. You will be awarded an ambassador certification after 24 months of service.
  4. You will have the possibility of acquiring a letter of recommendation based on performs.
  5. You will be among the first ti be informed about UBRICA opportunities.

Matters renumeration
You will be paid 5000 ubn every month based on your performance, which means that you have to be actively working, recruiting people and encouraging others to be part of the UBRICA ecosystem.

You are required to send your application through the official UBRICA ambassador program at wuap@ubrica.com for rapid responses

The ambassadors team is led by Firdah Butale.
For more information, therefore contacts Firdah @firdahbutale@gmail.com
Or you can reach out to Steven Imbanga also on email @imbagasteve@gmail.com.
To speak to an agent in our offices, call +254780743174

Do you think you fit the above described, hurry up and apply to be an Ubricoin Ambassador to the World today.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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