Decentralized finance has quickly and rapidly become a buzzword across many nations. By allowing people to connect to to new decentralized lending, exchange, savings and other decentralized finance platforms, like Ubricoin, blockchain provides an alternative to traditional banking services.
Those comfortable operating in this ecosystem are able to wield their assets with greater fungibility.

The use of fiat currecies has been ongoing for thousands of years. Fiat currencies delivered us from an era where we bartered for goods and services. In the current century however, fiat currencies are holding us back. They are slow on transaction, that is, people have to wait many hours or days for transactions to go through.

Cryptocurrencies have proven very advantagious in the sense that, they have improved by a great percentage global trade. Currency flow on blockchain takes minutes, to and from anywhere in the world. Delayed payments to international sellers causes delayed shipments of commodities in purchase when using fiat currencies. Cryptocurrency transactions take minutes and are therefore very fast and timely.UBRICA has gone out of it’s way to set up a common online market where Ubricoin holders from any part of the world can sell and buy commodities under a this common currency, Ubricoin.

Cryptocurrencies have lower costs. Not only do regular banks charde you for transfer money, but you are always met by additional one-off charges for transactions, while still receiving a worse than market exchange rate when sending money abroad. These are great losses to your business.
Aswitch from high fees of fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies sees cheaper products in stores, better wages for workers and increased profits for companies, as costs of production are lower.

Many governments spend a lot of miney around the world trying to prevent counterfeiting of fiat money. That ranges from producing money that is harder to forge, to police actions, investigations and court cases. With cryptocurrency, money is stored digitally, and securely. There is zero possibility of forgery.

Because the price of fiat currencies is dependent on the economy of the country and the government’s management of it, either printing more of it to lower its value or decreasing how much is available to increase it. This can make currencies particularly turbulent to political or economic troubles in a country.
Cryptocurrencies are not run by governments and can be used in most countries around the world. They remain solid even if there are big problems in one country or even a region. Only a globally worsening economy can affect their value.

With cryptocurrencies, your money is always secure because no individual or government can devalue it by printing or creating more. As more people use cryptocurrencies, such as Ubricoin, their value will also increase.
Meaning they will likely rise at the same rate or a little higher than inflation even when fully established.
There are so many good factors behind buying yourself some Ubricoin, right now, and in the near and far future.
Buy your Ubricoin now!


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