UBRICA’S engagement pillar involves engaging people at their basic level of existence to discover how we can work with them to create wealth.

Kenyan subsistent croppers and pastoralists living in rural areas are extremely impoverished because they cannot find market for their produce. The only available market comes to them in form of organized cartels who buy the farm produce and livestock at a throw away price.

UBRICA recognizes this and acknowledges that a person becomes poor when he or she is unable to exchange his goods and services for currency Nearly 95% of people living in Kenya are unable to find market for more than 80% of their farm produce.

Even at the throw away price that comes from cartels, they are only able to purchase less than 20% of all produce
The rest go to waste. Perishable produce such as flowers, fruits, vegetables rot away in people’s stores.
Local people therefore have it hard generating wealth.

These people are afraid to seek medical services until these the disease is in advanced stages . They are forced by their advanced conditions to seek medical services but often no or little money to pay for medical services.
The medical service provider reduces the quality and quantity of service offering to match the little money available from the patient. The severe lack of money to pay the providers in Kenya has led to a severe decline in the quality of medical services.

What solutions do we find fit therefore?
Logical reasoning indicates that the fundamental solution to health production lies in a system that improves the economy of each individual. In that connection, UBRICA has created a system to help people find market for their produce, services and products. In order to participate on this platform, one must first join and become a member of Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) known as the co-operative society of Ubricans. (CSU)
Once joined, our community workers help the members to send to market whatever they are producing. UBRICA has created an online retail store known as Soko Janja. (
There, members can buy and sell produce, products and services. People are already enrolled on Soko Janja and exchanges are ongoing. It is therefore the right time to enrol yourself and put your products and services up for sale.
Upon enrolment, individuals can post pictures of their produce, products and services to the online retail store.

Members will be able to create wealth and use that wealth to finance health production for themselves and their loved ones. We will use Ubricoin to facilitate the management of the online store.
Ubricoin will be the means of exchange as well as an incentive structure to encourage people to buy from each other to activate local economy.

Buy your Ubricoin today, open a wallet and enrol on Soko Janja, a platform that is meant to operationalize wealth creation for each individual in any given community.


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