UBRICA’s goal is to have Ubricoin accepted by 2024, as the standard method of payment for all the families in Kenya, with an approximation of 14 million families or more. Ubricoin is projected to be the most used currency in making payments for Medical care, groceries, school fees, transport, entertainment, for purchase of commodities such as Vehicles, buildings, land and for funding of major projects.
Services such as those of architects, engineers, doctors lawyers and teachers will accept Ubricoin.
Labour providers and paraprofessionals will also accept UBN as their means of payment for labour.
Petrol station owners and local citizens will pay for petroleum using Ubricoin.
Business owners will pay and accept payments in Ubricoin.

The value of Ubricoin will increase as many people become Ubricoin holders and use it as a common tender.
At this primary stage therefore, the target is to help at least one million people create Ubricoin wallets. This will translate to a value of one million squared; that is, a value of one trillion.

Two billion Ubricoin is thereby set aside to be distributed to one million people so as to facilitate adoption by 11,760,000 people by 2024.
The principle mechanism for the distribution of the two billion Ubricoin is by allocating the coins directly from the main contract to individual wallets held by people in various locations across the country. This is the primary network creation strategy.

Primary network creation.
UBRICA developed a program that helps the Ubricoin network. Network creation involves distributing Ubricoin to clusters of nested generations with disparate distribution conditions.
A generation is categorised depending on the source of the Ubricoin.
The first generation, (G1), comprises of people who receive Ubricoin directly from Ubricoin contract assisted by the UBRICA team.
Each generations downwards receives Ubricoin from the preceding generation.
There exists a referral program to reward each generation as an incentive to help reach the one million target.

Secondary network creation.
Soko Janja is the secondary mechanism for coin distribution and adoption. People will use Ubricoin in Soko Janja for purchases and will also receive new coins as loyalty points for purchasing in Soko Janja. The incentive program will also act as a mechanism of distributing Ubricoin in future.

It is therefore in your best interest to purchase your Ubricoin as soon as now. Your acquisition helps build a strong network of Ubricoin holders and raises the value if the coin.
Buy yours today!

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