Crypto crime.

The internet is full of opportunities be it legal or illegal. Some have perfected the craft of taking advantage of others and swindling them off their hard earned money. Just like we have credit card fraud, cryptocurrency too is not immune to attacks. There are crypto crimes that investors should be cautious of.

In a recent report by Blockchain Security Company, CipherTrace. It indicated that cyber criminals have walked away with $4.3 billion from investors, users and exchanges just from January this year. In the report, the PlusToken scheme was the largest single incident with $2.9 billion stolen. Some of the crimes that the Ubricoin investors and users should be aware of include the following

Cryptocurrency Scams: Investors always think of making profits and some usually jump on the first offer to double their profits without digging deep. When a deal is too good think twice. Scammers usually come with mouthwatering offers that give you promises like guaranteed profits, doubling your money in a short time or even promises free money in dollars or cryptocurrency.

Ransomware: This is a type of malicious software, or malware, designed to lock a user out from accessing his or her data until a ransom is paid. In some cases you get access but in other cases you do not even after paying the ransom. A good example is the GermanWiper that erases data completely instead of encrypting and giving back access once ransom is paid.

Crypto jacking: This is when scammers put malicious code onto your device that gives them access. This gives them the power to mine cryptocurrency for their own benefit without your permission.

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