Crypto Security. Securing your device.

The devises we use to conduct transactions are usually like smartphone and computers are usually prone to cyberattacks. There are criminals whose specialties include; cryptocurrency scamming, crypto jacking or sending ransomware to your device. They stand to make a lot of money especially from crypto users and investors who don’t secure their Ethereum wallets and devices. When installing or opening an Ethereum wallet, you are advised not to share both your private key and seed phrase. Neither are you advised to store these information in places where they can easily be accessed like email and notepads. This is primarily for security purposes to make sure that only the legitimate user has access.

This is however not enough to keep the crypto criminals off your back. The following are simple ideas on how to avoid traps that are set by the criminals. Don’t click links in email messages, these links my contain malware that once clicked are imbedded in your device.  Install ad-blocking software as some malwares are usually sent in form of an ad. Don’t ignore browser warnings, don’t click on suspicious looking pop-ups and never install software or apps you do not trust.

If and when you notice that your device starts overheating, is slower than usual, burns through battery power too fast, or becomes unresponsive then your device might be under attack. Here is what to do in the event of such cases. Close sites or apps that slow your device or drain your battery. It is also important that your device has an updated antivirus software that is set to automatically update.

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