Use Mpesa to Buy Ubricoin

Communication and financial technologies have changed over the years. Gone are the days people used to send money or communicate via the post office using envelopes. Fast forward and we now have smartphones that can do both; communicate and send/receive money. The use of mobile money has risen since its introduction into the financial market not just in Kenya but around the world. Kenya made wave when Safaricom introduced MPesa.

80% of smartphone owners in Kenya use mobile money on a daily basis. this tells you how important it is. The good news is, Ubrica has made it possible for users to buy their coins (UBN) by using MPesa. In my last post I showed you how important a wallet is in crypto and how to open one.Once you have your smartphone, you have your ethereum wallet, you have your money in your MPesa, you have intentions of buying coins and you don’t know how? Worry no more because you can easily buy Ubricoins using MPesa by following a few steps.

To buy Ubricons, follow the following steps.

Go to Mpesa

Send money to MPESA TILL NUMBER 599019.

Forward MPesa transaction message to Tel: +254 780743174

UBNs will be sent to your Wallet Address

Never forget the importance and security of both the seed phrase and private key. The seed phrase is important for wallet retrieval while the private key is for access. Remember for KSh.100, you get one Ubricoin (UBN)

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