Opening a wallet

Today we’re opening a wallet. We’re talking about a crypto wallet which is a software that allows you to communicate in a cryptocurrency network when you want to do your transactions. There are different ways that you can create your wallet on PC, android or IOS. Majority of the youth have phones so we’ll open the one for mobile phones.
 Open App Store/ Play Store depending on your phone.
 Search for Coinomi download and install.
 Once it’s successfully downloaded and installed, open and go to create new wallet.
 Copy the seed phrase and keep it somewhere safe for (it is used for wallet recovery)
 Next create a password/private key for your new wallet (do not share the private key)
 Select Ethereum
 Your wallet is created.
The cheapest and fastest way to buy Ubricoin (UBN) is to send ETH to the contract address 0xDB13025b219dB5e4529f48b65Ff009a26B6Ae733.
 Go to the home page and swipe left for the menu then click ‘add tokens’
 Click on the Ethereum and then click on the dots on the top right corner.
 Click on ‘Add token manually’
 Place the contract address provided above, name-Ubricoin, symbol-UBN and decimal-18
Send your public address to +254 755 844 017 once you have created your wallet.
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