New Frontier for Health Industry Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers as an Alternative Model for Human Development in Frontier Markets


After 10 years of exploration and research work, the U.S. to Africa wealth initiative (USTAWI) proposed the Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa (UBRICA) as an alternative model for human development in frontier markets. UBRICA is a phenomenon where more and more Africans in the Diaspora, and in Africa are waking up to a deeper level of awareness that Africa’s development is the work of Africans themselves, and not the work of international development agencies. UBRICA is the phenomenon where Africans are venturing deeper and deeper into this space of awareness as a point of departure for a creative process for bringing human development in Africa into reality. The bulk of members of UBRICA are Kenyan Americans, who propose the same standard of development in Kenya that they have come to enjoy when living and working in United States. UBRICA helps to construct a language that allows Africans to communicate at this deeper level of awareness that many Africans experience, but usually do not talk about, as is not a part of the mainstream development discourse. The works of indigenous organizations owned by Africans rarely find their way to the mainstream international media. By contrast, little action by the international development institutions, receives global media coverage, even though, indigenous organizations have, by far, much greater impact on human development in the countries where they operate. UBRICA creates possibility for constructing a new language to explain such indigenous originated transnational organizations that create alternative forms of human development that have diaspora nationals of African countries and Africans in Africa leading change, and taking charge of the development of their own nations. UBRICA is also a method that is helping Africans to be more effective operating at this deeper space. The traditional method of national development in Africa, has involved African leaders taking trips to Western nations to borrow money to meet the annual budget for their respective nations. National leaders of African countries have been trained to believe that development comes from outside their nations. They have trained the people in their nations about this external source of development. This approach to development has had Africans become dependent on Western aid. In doing so, Africans overlook themselves as a source of development as they look outside of their countries for aid. In the new awareness, Africans have woken up to understand that development comes from within. UBRICA provides a method that helps to overcome the dependency on foreign aid

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