This is an online shopping platform from Ubrica, that majorly focuses on sale of local produce in order to generate wealth for the people of Kenya. A vast majority of the modern world likes shopping online and through this online retail stores easily thrive.

Why an online store?

To answer this question, we have to look at the current state of market. The informal sector or the local market houses 80% of the employed population in Kenya. With this in mind, one would expect a conducive environment so as to encourage maximum functionality of the traders. Ironically, the market place is one of the most unsafe, unhygienic and neglected places in Kenya. It is the one place that the government adamantly refuses to spend substantial funds on and they turn around and impose hefty taxes on the traders.

Below are some of the problems faced by local traders:

  • High taxation

The county government in Kenya imposes exaggerated taxes on the market traders. The market traders do not often make enough money to meet the government demands.

  • Battering by county government

In Kenya, battering of local market traders is not an uncommon concept. After imposing very heavy tax burdens, the county government results to rather uncouth and forceful measures on those who do not comply. The market traders are heavily punished through ruthless battering and then they are dismissed from the market.

  • Trading space

-Due to a higher number of market traders than available space, there tends to be very little room for adequate trading to take place. This means that market traders quite literally do not have room to expand their business.

-Traders only get space where there is no traffic from buyers.

-Some traders do not get visibility because of their location which leaves them fighting for scraps where buyers do not frequent hence making no money and the county government still expects them to pay imposed taxes.

  • Very stiff competition

There is very unhealthy inter – trader competition. This is especially common when some commodities are “in season.” Each market trader wants to sell his or her products and make a decent living for themselves so naturally, they’ll go for the products that seem to pique the interest of buyers. This leads to surplus products of the same variety flooding the market and war may break out. In simple terms, it is survival for the fittest.

  • Bullying by county government

Market traders are bullied out of opportunities and trading land for example after bribery, one trader may get evicted from their trading area so as to make room for the briber. This leaves the evicted trader jobless leading to crime or increase the rate of prostitution when the trader decides to find other means to fend for his or her family.

  • Limited bank services.

-Due to their minimal earnings, market traders are often denied loans because some banks do not believe they can afford to pay them back in time and their collateral is meagre in value.

-Some banks deny them banking services because they make very little money which does not guarantee frequent deposits into the bank.

-Some banks charge very high fees that the savings accumulated get eroded quickly.

  • Weather

-Market traders do not have shelter when it rains which means their goods suffer because they get damaged by the rain which means they have to move or close early so as to preserve their goods.

The lack of shelter also affects their health and can lead to serious illnesses such as pneumonia.

-Rain also encourages flow of sewage due to poor drainage systems, which makes market places very unhygienic and discourages customers from buying from such places.

  • Perishable goods

-Due to no preservation or refrigeration of perishable goods like fruits and vegetables, market traders experience post-harvest loss of about 80% of their produce.

  • Price instability

-The country imports almost everything from outside countries hence making the price of goods unstable and volatile leading to major losses.

-Some traders work with brokers to negotiate prices for them which is how they get duped because most brokers drive the price down to dirt cheap.

I could go on and on about the challenges faced by market traders and it’s safe to say that things are getting out of hand and there’s great need for a solution. The only viable solution is Soko Janja.

Why Soko Janja?

-Soko Janja seeks to eliminate the above problems because the only things needed for the products to go online is a very nice and clear photo of the products and produce and a brief description.

-Due to its foundation being purely online, it creates a chance for global level marketing because the internet is worldwide. This means that people from all over the world can order the products on Soko Janja.

-Soko Janja accepts payment in very many currencies, up to and including the Ubricoin. This makes it very efficient to use without the need for conversion of currencies.

-On shopping on Soko Janja, incentives are rewarded in form of brevis. This brevis can be redeemed on the site for further shopping.

-Soko Janja only markets local manufacturers and locally manufactured goods. This greatly benefits oppressed traders and gives them freedom. By registering on Soko Janja, market traders enjoy time flexibility where they can venture into other businesses or even retire early.

With economic development being the most important aspect of health improvement, Soko Janja facilitates the generation of wealth through market creation. This leads to economic growth and the poor can now be able to access quality healthcare, live in a clean and hygienic environment and buy quality food that helps boost their immunity.   

Call +254 755 844 017 to register on Soko Janja or visit Soko Janja to shop.

Buy Africa, build a healthy Africa.                    



Is Ubricoin a scam?. 1

Is Ubrica a pyramid scheme?. 1

What is Ubrica all about?. 1

Can money really exist on the internet?. 2

What purpose do these coins serve?. 2

Can I sell them and become rich immediately?. 2

How and where do I buy them?. 3

What determines the price of UBN in the market?. 3

Do you think people in Kenya are ready to adapt the Ubricoin?. 3

Well there has been so much noise concerning Ubrica as a whole and today I thought it wise that we should clear the air concerning some of these issues. These are some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to Ubrica and its ecosystem.

Is Ubricoin a scam?

Well let’s start by defining what a scam is. According to the Oxford dictionary, a scam is a dishonest scheme or fraud. As we have been told time and time again, Ubricoin is a cryptocurrency built on Ethereum blockchain. It is a peer-to-peer utility token that operates under open and distributed ledger. An open ledger ensures that all UBN transactions are clearly visible to everyone and a distributed ledger ensures that all UBN transactions are distributed to the actors within the network. In this way, Ubricoin cannot be a scam because it is verified by the blockchain.

Is Ubrica a pyramid scheme?

This question resulted from the Ubrica bot which earned participants several Ubricoins per referral. Well a pyramid scheme is an illegal form of investment in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones. A bot works by rewarding every individual participating in the airdrop; the referrer and the referee. No payment is required in order to participate in an airdrop. The answer therefore, is no. Ubrica is not a pyramid scheme.

What is Ubrica all about?

Ubrica is a life science and health production organization, aimed at improving global health. This is the mother to the Ubricoin. Ubrica seeks to solve three main problems; access, quality and cost of health. Access to quality healthcare has been a challenge in Kenya because for one to be treated, they must have money to cater for their hospital bills. Money has been the main priority for healthcare providers instead of treating the ailing patient. With little to no money, the quality of services provided in hospitals is very poor. The pieces of equipment used are very expensive to obtain and maintain hence making the cost of medical treatment very high. This means that very few people have access to quality services.

Ubrica seeks to solve these problems by introducing one very important element: economic development. This is through product promotion for Kenyan products in order to create more markets through social sites for example Soko Janja. Soko Janja is an online shopping site whose purpose is to create market for Kenyan goods and services.

Introduction of research centers in Kenya (BMIC) will ensure that there is little to no import of medical products because these will be areas where extensive research takes place as well as innovation of new products for example water drip and medicine for various diseases.

Ubrica will also build Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs) which are units that will contain clinics, retail centers and workshops all within the same location. These clinics will have patient records stored in the blockchain and payment for services and medicine will be through Ubricoins.

Universities in Kenya will have areas for research, innovation and product commercialization known as University Science and Technology parks (USTP).

Ubrica chapters with 1000 or more members stand a chance of owning a USTP or a URCC.

Can money really exist on the internet?

Yes. Money is a system of agreements and symbols that influence creation and exchange of value and power according to Bendel, Rudick and Slater (2015). Through this definition, we are able to understand that money is not only the physical notes we see but it can comfortably exist on the internet as well. Cryptography, in blockchain, allows creation of cryptocurrencies which naturally exist on the internet. Blockchain is a digital transmission protocol that supports movement of cryptocurrencies from one person to another. Money over the internet protocol through blockchain has existed since 2009 when Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

What purpose do these coins serve?

The Ubricoin has various uses including:

  • Being a cryptocurrency, it acts as a store of value.
  • Holders will have access to Ubrica ecosystem.
  • It will act as an incentive for a job well done and services well provided.
  • It will be used in funding and facilitating the world Ubricoin ambassador program.

Can I sell them and become rich immediately?

Selling and getting rich quickly is a scam mentality. Most people have the microwave mentality whereby if they can’t get their money back as soon as they invest, they do not consider investing at all. This is especially dangerous because they miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Ubricoin acts as a store of value, meaning the advantage lies with those who buy the coin when the price is still low then sell when the price appreciates. Investing in cryptos requires patience and a mindset that is programmed to envision the future. With such an attitude, one can invest in as many UBN as possible and sell them for a profit instead of just dumping them on any exchange at a very cheap price which quite frankly benefits nobody.

We need to appreciate the value that Ubricoin holds, because everything needs to be built on a foundation that is strong and that can withstand the test of time.

Remember Hunter S. Thompson said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”.

How and where do I buy them?

There are three ways to buy Ubricoin:

  • Smart contract interaction: this is whereby ETH is sent directly to the main contract that is; 0xDB13025b219dB5e4529f48b65Ff009a26B6Ae733 the UBN automatically reflect in the wallet.
  • Exchanges: UBN has been listed on various exchanges eg Coinmex, Fedlio, Instant bitex, Etherflyer, Cashpayz, Finexbox as centralized exchanges and Ledgerdex and Starbit exchange as decentralized exchanges.
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO): unlike the exchanges that allow you to buy and sell, IEOs only allow buyers to buy as many coins as possible but selling is not possible during the IEO.

What determines the price of UBN in the market?

The price of UBN is determined by the market forces. Market forces are factors that influence the price of a commodity such as UBN to change without governmental influence. These factors include:

  • Supply and demand

When Ubricoin is in demand with less supply, the price tends to be very high. However, the opposite is true. The goal is to balance the two so as to have an equilibrium price. An equilibrium price will ensure that the price remains high in spite of the fluctuations guaranteed to occur in crypto trading.

  • Coin condition

This majorly deals with how individuals have been able to adopt the coin in their everyday transactions. Acceptability of a coin ensures that the price appreciates.

  • Speculative influences

The speculations and expectations of traders greatly influence the price of the coin. This is because if traders do not have expectations with a coin, they will not trade it. Speculative predictions done by specialists inform traders when prices will be high so that they can buy the coins in bulk so as to sell them later.

  • Trading conditions

When trade is active, the price of the Ubricoin appreciates and the opposite is true.

Do you think people in Kenya are ready to adapt the Ubricoin?

The wave of cryptocurrencies is not a new concept in Kenya because so many people trade and hold Bitcoins.

The Ubricoin has developed roots in universities whereby students are now exchanging commodities and favors for Ubricoin. Numerous shops have the “UBRICOIN ACCEPTED HERE” flyer on their doors. Even the people in rural areas have started familiarizing themselves with Ubricoin because its news have spread like bushfire. 60% of people attending our events pay using Ubricoin.

I think that indeed Kenya is ready to accept the Ubricoin as more and more people get familiarized with the coin and the kind of freedom it offers to its holders.

Author, Barbara Kimani.


Ubrica is growing apace. This means there is need for an online platform for interaction and exchange of ideas that can be able to accommodate the vast number of people. In regards to this, two platforms were considered: Whatsapp and Telegram. Both applications are downloadable from Google Playstore or App store.

Telegram was the suitable option due to its ability to hold up to 200,000 people (as of January 22nd 2019). There’s room for everyone. Come join the fastest growing community in Kenya and learn, grow and network with us. Our official Telegram link is:

Our other social sites are:


Facebook: Ubrica



                  Soko Janja

                  Ubrica_ke group

Twittter:    UBRICA


Youtube:   The Ubrican

Instagram: Ubrica_ke

For more information, contact us on 0780743174.

Author, Barbara Kimani.


Ubrica ni shirika ambalo linahusika na kuboresha Sayansi ya vyote vilivyo hai pamoja na afya ya kila mwananchi.
Wazo la kufanya haya lilitokana na kuzoroteka kwa hali ya afya barani Afrika ambako kumesababishwa na ukosefu wa fedha za kulipia matibabu. Pia, hospitali hazina fedha za kutosha za kununua vifaa bora vya kutekeleza matibabu.

Ubrica ni ufupisho wa jina halisi ambalo ni “Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa”. Neno Ustawi pia ni ufupisho kumaanisha “US to Africa wealth initiative” (mpango wa kuboresha utajiri kutoka Marekani hadi Afrika).

Ubrica imegawanywa katika matawi matatu makuu ambayo ni:
-Mkataba wa tarakimu au kwa jina maarufu “Smart contract”
-Ushiriki wa binadamu au “Human engagement”
-Miradi au “Projects”

Mkataba wa tarakimu
Hii ni itifaki ya tarakilishi ambayo jukumu lake ni kuwezesha, kudhibitisha na kutekeleza mapatano ya kuaminika. Kupitia mkataba wa tarakimu, kubadili fedha, mali au vitu vya thamani kunawezekana kwa njia rahisi yenye uwazi na isiyo na mvutano. Mfumo uo huo ndio utakao tumika katika soko yetu ya mtandao: Soko Janja (mengi zaidi yatajadiliwa kwenye tawi la ushiriki wa binadamu). Naam, mchumia juani hulia kivulini. Kwa kuzingatia msemo huu, Ubrica itaanzisha mfumo wa kutuza wafanyao kazi yao kwa bidii na kwa njia ifaayo. Hatimaye mbinu hii itahakikisha kuwa wateja wanapokea bidhaa na huduma bora zaidi. Muuzaji atatuzwa kulingana na alama ambazo atakusanya kutoka kwa mnunuzi katika mfumo wa tarakimu ambao utaweza kutumika na kila mmoja baada ya kupokea bidhaa ama huduma.

Kupitia mfumo huu, Ubrica imeunda sarafu za kidijitali zijulikanazo kama Ubricoin. Sarafu hizi ndizo zitakazo husika na kumzawadi yeyote ambaye atatekeleza majukumu yake kwa bidii, uwazi na ustadi. Pia zitatumika kuendeleza ufahamu kuhusu umuhimu wa kuishi vyema, lishe bora na kutembelea zahanati au hospitali ili kugundua magonjwa mapema. Utumiapo sarafu hizi, sehemu ndogo huwekezwa katika health fund ili uwapo muwele utapata matibabu kwa bei nafuu.
Ubricoin moja ni shilingi hamsini. Kwa sasa, wananchi wanapokezwa Ubricoin elfu kumi kila mmoja ili kuhakikisha kila mwananchi ameshikilia sarafu zake katika mfuko wake wa kidijitali. Kupitia njia hii, thamani yake itadizika kulingana na idadi ya watu walio na sarafu yenyewe kwenye mfuko wao au jinsi wanavyoitumia. Yaani v=n2, ambapo v inasimamia value na n inasimamia number (sheria ya Metcalfe).
Hakika kizuri chajiuza! Kufikia sasa, sifa za sarafu hizi zimesheheni na kusambaa toka bara la Afrika hadi nchi za Uingereza na Marekani.

Ushiriki wa binadamu
Tawi hili linahusika na jinsi ambavyo Ubrica imeweka mikakati itakayo boresha hali ya kifedha ya wananchi. Mikakati hii inahusisha uuzaji wa bidhaa kupitia soko la mtandaoni linalojulikana kama Soko Janja.
Wazo la kuanzisha soko hili lilitokana na ujuzi kuwa bidhaa za wakenya hazipati soko la kutosha kukimu mahitaji ya wauzaji. Kwa mfano, mkulima anayejihusisha na uuzaji wa mimea na mifugo huwa na wakati mgumu kupata faida kwa kazi zake kwa sababu mimea mingi huwa imeagizwa kutoka nchi za nje. Hivi basi inakuwa wazi kuwa mkulima huyu anachanika kwenye mpini na kufa njaa. Jambo hili linasikitisha hususan wakati ambapo ataugua kwa sababu fedha zake zimeadimika kama maziwa ya kuku, basi hataweza kujilipia matibabu. Kando na hayo, hali yake ya kimaisha itazidi kudidimia.
Kupitia Soko janja, mkulima huyu ataweza kupanua mipaka yake ya kupata soko na kuuza bidhaa zake kisha kupata fedha maridhawa.
Ili kutangaziwa bidhaa zako mle, unapiga picha kisha unazifafanua kwa lugha itakayomvutia mnunuzi na pia bei yazo, bila kulipishwi chochote.

Mbuga za Sayansi na teknolojia kwenye vyuo vikuu (USTPs)
Zitajengwa sitini na sita karibu na kila chuo kikuu Kenya. Lengo la mbuga hizi ni kuwa vituo vya kufanyia utafiti na kuzitafutia soko bidhaa ambazo zitaundwa kutokana na utafiti ule. Wanafunzi wa vyuo hivi ndio watafanya kazi mle, pamoja na wataalamu ambao wana ujuzi katika nyanja mbalimbali za utafiti. Mbuga hizi zitawapa wanafunzi nafasi ya ajira ya mapema badala ya kumaliza shule na kujihusisha na maovu au kutafuta kazi na kuambulia patupu.

Vituo vya Ubrica vya soko la rejareja na klinikii (URCCs)
Hivi ni vituo vya biashara na uboreshaji wa afya ambavyo vitakuwa na msingi wao vijijini. Kutakuwa na vitengo viwili katika kila kata na wilaya kubwa zikiwa na nyingi kidogo. Idadi ya vitengo imewekwa kuwa 100.
Vituo hivi vitakuwa na:
⦁ Karakana.
⦁ Vituo vya soko rejareja.
⦁ Vituo vya kliniki.

Haya ni maeneo ambayo yatahusika na kuboresha hali ya mazao na kuongeza thamani kwa bidhaa zilizozalishwa nchini. Kutakuwa na vipengele vya usindikaji wa mimea na bidhaa na sehemu za kuunda bidhaa mpya kati ya mengine kwa ajili ya kuboresha vinavyoonekana. Hatimaye, hii itahakikisha uhifadhi wa bidhaa za chakula na mimea ambazo lazima kuhifadhiwa mahali safi ili kuzuia magonjwa.

Vituo vya soko rejareja
Hivi ni vituo vya kuonyesha bidhaa kutoka kwenye karakana ili kuvutia wanunuzi. Bidhaa zenyewe hupelekwa hapa ili wanunuzi waweza kuzipata kwa urahisi. Pia, picha za bidhaa hizi zinaweza kuchukuliwa na kuwekwa kwenye duka la rejareja la mtandaoni linalojulikana kama Soko Janja ili kuvutia wanunuzi zaidi.

Vituo vya kliniki
Kutokana na kukusanya fedha maridhawa baada ya kuuza bidhaa, watu wataweza kulipia huduma zao za matibabu. Vituo hivi vya kliniki vitawapa watu huduma bora za afya. Wagonjwa walio na Ubricoin wataweza kupokea huduma hii kwa bei nafuu kwa magonjwa yoyote yale. Huduma hii itahakikisha kuboreka kwa viwango vya maisha na hatimaye kukuza taifa lenye afya.

Kwa maelezo zaidi, waweza kutembelea tovuti zetu katika:

Mwandishi, Barbara Kimani.


Ubrica has taken the initiative to bring about an effective way of improving the quality of healthcare in the community. This will be propelled by introduction of the Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs).

The URCCs are commercial and health centers that will have their basis in the villages. There will be two units in each county with larger counties having a little bit more. The total number of units is set to be 100.

The URCCs are aimed at building a community that is well versed in matters concerning their personal healthcare and benefits of leading a healthy life. This will be achieved by introduction of a reward system whereby incentives will be given to people who practice healthy living in terms of eating a balanced diet, doing regular exercise and going for regular checkups.

The URCCs are centers that will be built by Ubrica and will contain;

  1. Workshops.
  2. Retail centers.
  3. Clinical centers.


These are areas within the unit that will improve the quality of produce and add value to the locally produced goods. They will have features such as processing plants and assembling grounds among others for processing and packaging of the local products. Not only does this improve their quality; it also ensures proper storage of food products which will be kept free from contaminants.

Retail Centers

These work as display centers where people come to buy from the retailers. The products from the workshops are taken here so that the people coming to buy can easily access them. Also, photos of the products displayed here can be taken and put on the online retail store known as Soko Janja to maximize their market thus attracting more buyers.

Clinical Centers

Due to adequate funds raised from the sale of products, people will be able to pay for their medical services. The facility will have the clinical centers which offer quality healthcare. This service will ensure improvement of living standards and ultimately lead to a healthy nation.

For more information, visit:


Barbara Kimani.


It is an acronym that stands for Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa. Ustawi too, is an acronym in itself which stands for US to Africa wealth initiative which already depicts Ubrica’s focus in promoting wealth in Africa. Ubrica is a life science and health production organization whose main objective is to promote health in Kenya by eradicating poverty. It has three main pillars which are the Smart contract pillar, Human engagement pillar and the Ubrica projects.


This is the smart contract pillar, a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate and enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Ubrica has introduced a digital coin known as the Ubricoin which is a utility token for global health built on blockchain. A utility token is digital asset of cryptocurrency that funds development of the cryptocurrency and ensures future access to services and products by an organization.

Blockchain is a digital transaction platform which allows movement of digital assets like the Ubricoin. Blockchain technology is the new and improved way of transferring funds. It uses a peer-to-peer system (Nakamoto, 2008) which typically means direct transfer of funds from one person to another without a trusted third party for example the bank. Blockchain is more preferred compared to the traditional way of sending money through the bank because it is fast, cheaper and removes possibility of corruption or fraud due to its openness to the public.

The Ubricoin has several uses which include:

  • Ensuring access to the Ubrica ecosystem
  • Supporting development and implementation of Ubrica projects
  • Shop on the online retail store known as Soko Janja
  • Helping gather intelligent data about health, nutrition information and diseases.


This is the human engagement pillar. In Kenya, there are very many talented individuals who have ventured into various fields for example farming and pottery, who do not have any market for their products. This means that these people cannot make money to sustain themselves and their loved ones. In times of crisis such as occurs when a disease like cholera or typhoid strikes, these hard workers do not have enough money to pay for adequate healthcare. When they visit health centers, clinics or hospitals, the caregivers—doctors and nurses—are forced to provide low standard health services to reduce the cost of service.

Ubrica understand that economic development is the greatest cause of improvement of health. With this in mind, Ubrica came up with an online retail store called Soko Janja. In this platform, any Kenyan can advertise and expand market for their products, for free. With adequate market, Kenyans can now make enough money to improve their living standard and enable them to pay for quality healthcare.


Ubrica aims at improving the lives of all Kenyans as a whole. For the productive and highly talented youth, Ubrica aims at building University Science and Technology parks also knows as research parks. These will be built in close proximity with the 66 universities in Kenya. Their purpose will be to facilitate sharing of knowledge through qualitative and quantitative research, creation and development of new ideas and the selling of the products that the youth will come up with.

The other project is known as the Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs) which will contain a retail store, workshop and clinical centers. The retail center is where a manufacturer for example, a farmer takes his produce and can sell or supply to the general public. The same manufacturer can take his products to the workshop for repackaging and repurposing of his products.

Through selling of the products, the manufacture now has enough money to access the clinical centers which are based within the same area as the workshops and retail centers. This will greatly improve the quality of care given and make a huge impact on people’s health.


  • Incentives (rewards) will be issued in form of brevises (points) to those who shop at Soko Janja which can be translated to Ubricoins.
  • A system will be introduced whereby Ubricoin holders will be able to rate the quality of service provided.

-University students will be able to rate their professors based on how they teach, their class attendance and student engagement. In the same way, professors will be able to rate their students based on their class attendance, performance and class participation.

-Similarly, primary school and high school teachers will be rewarded according to their performance and they’ll also rate their students leading to the best performance, hard work and commendable attendance being rewarded.

-Doctors too will be able to rate their patients depending on how regular they go for checkups. Patients can also rate the doctors according to the service provided.

  • Those working in the university science and technology parks will be rewarded based on their performance. Those with comprehensive research work will receive incentives in form of Ubricoins.
  • Tokens will be offered to people who hold the coin in their wallet.

Ubrica is interested in improving the quality of health given in Kenya by bettering the country’s economy.



Barbara Kimani.