Ubricoin will benefit you as Provider of health, as a Consumer and as a Supplier of products and services to the health system and other services.
Providers of health using Ubricoin as payment at the point of sale will receive Brevis loyalty tokens, service quality tokens and direct feedback from consumers. Providers will also give direct feedback to consumers, such that consumers who adopt good health habits will be rewarded with Brevis.
Consumers will receive Brevis airdrops from using Ubricoin and shopping on Soko Janja. Brevis airdrops are monetized loyalty points issuing from the point of sale platform on Soko Janja.
Suppliers of products and services to the health system will receive Brevis airdrops and service quality token. They will also receive direct feedback from consumers, and in turn will give direct feedback to consumers.

More information https://ubricoin.ubrica.com/white-paper/


Ubricoin can now be used to purchase any item from sokojanja.

What is Sokojanja?

Sokojanja is our retail store which contains a variety of products (items) made locally. Sokojanja have been created to enable our local manufacturers find market for their products, so that they can be able to get money to pay for their medical services. Most of the time a person become poor because he or she can not exchange his goods or services for currency that is why sokojanja have come to solve that issue.in this case for a person to be helped he or she must become a member of the cooperative society of ubricans, where we intend to enroll 14 million families in Kenya only.

What is Ubricoin?

Ubricoin is a cryptocurrency developed on Ethereum protocol to serve as a platform devoted to improving quality of health for all. ubricoin will help to achieve global health. Ubricoin will be used to develop global health industry and create market intelligence through a cryptocurrency reward system that will inspire positive contribution to health improvement around the world.

Ubricoin is a utility token that represent future access to ubrica ecosystem, ubricoin is not designed as investment instrument.

Ubricoin will help gather intelligent data about health, nutrition information and diseases. Artificial intelligence will facilitate the presence of global health.

How do you use ubricoin to purchase products from sokojanja?

For one to be able to purchase products from sokojanja using ubricoin, he or she should have ubricoin in the wallet.

How do you get your Ubricoin?

First you should create a wallet and then you can either choose to buy ethers from the local Ethereum or buy ubricoin directly where one ubricoin cost 50ksh. Once you have your UBN in your wallet you can purchase any item from sokojanja (shop.ubrica.com).

For more information visit us on:

  1. ubrica.com
  2. http://uwc.ubrica.com
  3. https://www.redit.com
  4. http://ubrica.com
  5. https://web.facebook.com/ubricoin/
  6. https://ubricoin.ubrica.com/create-wallet-and-send-ether/
  7. https://twitter.com/i/notifications



Incentive for high quality knowledge
We will issue brevis to:
1. Teachers who demonstrate commitment and dedication to student learning.
2. University lecturers/professors who demonstrate:

Quality knowledge transfer
Original research proposals, peer reviewed papers
Original research work presented in conferences
Research commercialization
Interest and commitment in reviewing of research papers
Publishing and running journals on Ubrica Journal System
The tokens will be issued based on a system built rating system for these, with those with good rating receiving the incentives.


Ubricoin our crypto-currency program involves creating incentive programs to reward excellence in education, research and practice. We shall also reward the use of Ubricoin for financial transactions in everyday practice. Buying from local suppliers and manufacturers on Soko Janja will attract rewards. By doing so, quality of medical and health care will improve all over Kenya and the world.



Ubricoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Ubricoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank. Ubricoin is a peer-to-peer system.

Ubricoin is the new internet currency. It is on the rise.

You are welcome to our Ubricoin summit on Sep 21th to 22th 2018. To know more about Cryptocurrency and buy UBN (Attended for free). Don’t miss it.
More information on this link http://uwc.ubrica.com/…/on-the-far-side-of-leleshwa-getawa…/