Nairobi, April, 2019
                           Jane M. Jeremiah
Nairobi, April, 2019
Jane M. Jeremiah

The Month of April, 2019 has had a lot of activities at Ubrica offices. On Monday, 3rd week of April kicked-off with our usual seminar meetings held at Ubrica offices. The guests had arrived and sited by 10:00am. We welcomed and registered them in our guest book. Further to that, we checked on their wallets to confirm whether payment was done to the Ubricoin contract address. Each guest attending the seminar was required to pay a fee of UBN 100 to the Ubricoin contract address: 0xDB13025b219dB5e4529f48b65Ff009a26B6Ae733. Those who had not made payments to the contract address, assistance was given to them. The meeting was to discuss and enlighten the Ubrican community on the following agendas:

  1. Introduction to UBRICA
  2. Ubrica Projects: URCCs, uSTPs, BMIC
  3. Human Engagement: Soko Janja
  4. The Origin of Money
  5. Money Creation and Financial Engineering
  6. What is Ubricoin
  7. The Reason Why We Created Ubricoin
  8. Distribution of Ubricoin
  9. Funding Scientific Knowledge
  10. Ubrica Shares

The following Youtube links provide the seminar presentations by the Ubrica staff:

 https://youtu.be/J1YbL94wPQQ
 https://youtu.be/zVsy2xH-yXo
 https://youtu.be/iyNRmhEcEAg
 https://youtu.be/9QRD9n6RXwg
 https://youtu.be/AVJIBzYJhMI

After the meeting we interacted with fellow Ubricans who wanted a more personal and detailed explanation on how to use Ubricoin, some were interested in buying shares and others wanted to know how they can contribute to the ecosystem.
In order for us to understand the matters of Law and cryptocurrency, our Legal team researched on a video titled Bitcoin Law Review Senate Hearings ICO Rule Security and Token Pay’s Legal threat. The video which was in details about the Senate hearings, covered discussions on Bitcoin, and gave opinions on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) being ruled as securities. From the video, it was clear to the panelists observation that the congress men were afraid of what would happen if cryptocurrency was not regulated. Our legal team concluded that a utility token once conducted an ICO it instantly converts itself into a security token.

A conclusion with respect to Bancor protocol was met, that this method can work for us. Bancor protocol enables tokens to calculate their own prices using a transparent auto-balancing mechanism which converts directly from smart contracts.
For Ubricoin to be liquidated, we decided as Ubrica team to do 50 to 100 transactions every day, sending ethers from our wallets to the Ubricoin contract address: 0xDB13025b219dB5e4529f48b65Ff009a26B6Ae733. In the event to achieve the following:

  1. The volume value of Ubricoin.
  2. The price value of Ubricoin in Ethers/USD
  3. The market cap value of Ubricoin
  4. The ICO price of Ubricoin
  5. The erc20 transfer count which stands at 145 transfers.

On Tuesday 16th, we reported to StephJoy Girls High for STEMAH camp. Ubrica has joined hands with StephJoy to create Entrust Youth Mentorship Camp which focuses on advancement of practical use of science and technological knowledge among young people in Africa. The purpose of Entrust, is to generate lasting interest in science among primary school, high school and university students. The camp will use Ubricoin, a digital currency built on Blockchain technology and computer science, to illustrate the power of STEMAH to transform societies.

During the 1st day of the event, Mrs. Mugambi who is the school director, spoke on the Origin of education and the distracters of education. A guest speaker Eng. Alex Maina gave a talk on the technology of money and the Ubrica project, cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology. Present also at the event was Miss. Natalia Polishchouk, who is the managing director at JstWORK.com, executive headhunter and professional career coach. Her offices are located in London, sub-Saharan Africa and in Nairobi, Kenya. Miss. Polishchouk spoke of how one can job hunt using her organization website. Her firm which was established to address the skills shortage across the Sub-Sahara Africa, is the leading head-hunting and career advisory organization in Africa. She plans to bring Africans back to Africa by connecting them with experienced, seasoned talented Africans living abroad by enticing them back to jobs in Africa. Miss. Polishchouk organization has built a substantial customer relation management (CRM) database with returnee talent – Africans wanting to come back to their home country. Through their career advisory services, not only do they empower the Job Seeker to be strategic and proactive in their careers but they also select candidates who have demonstrable experience at a strategic level. They have access to industry specialists and they consider all talent available – both local and international. To end the day’s event was Dr. Macharia from Ubrica, who expounded on Ubrica and its future projects.

The 2nd day, the STEMAH camp continued with Dr. Muiruri King’ang’a a lecturer at the school, giving a talk on Biology and the different fields of biology the students can pursue in the University. Mrs. Joyce Mbugua followed suit on a talk on attitude and the factors that affect attitude. Mr. Sam Wachira gave a motivational speech on the power of a positive mental attitude. Mr. Allan a lecturer, spoke on computer science and how the Artificial Intelligence technology is taking over the world. Mrs. Mugambi also spoke on the power of confidence and how confidence in knowledge affects how we think and our attitude towards life. The day was crowned with money workshop activity where the students discussed Francisco d’Aconia’s speech on the root of money, lastly, Dr. Macharia of Ubrica discussed with the students through their group presentations on Francisco d’Aconia’s speech.

In the next couple of days, we held meetings and had lessons on how Ubricoin can be traded on the decentralized and centralized exchange like  https://www.starbitex.com/ which deals with wrapped ethers (WETH). In-order to use this platform to buy WETH and to sell UBNs, one must have and be connected to their Metamask wallet. Starbitex is a centralized exchange for it figures out the selling and buying orders by itself.

In-order to increase the selling power and buying power in the country, we have been enthusiastic to reach 14 million families in Kenya to enroll into agricultural products, produce and services into our retail market Soko Janja https://sokojanja.com/

Soko Janja, is becoming the leading market place of choice for everyone to trade their produce, products and services. Through Soko Janja, holders of UBN can now buy and sell goods and services from one another using UBN. Soko Janja will enable trades among members of Ubrica Community, otherwise known as Co-operative Society of Ubricans (CSU). Every holder of Ubricoin automatically becomes participant in CSU eco-system.  

Listing your items on Soko Janja is done from a central location (UBRICA Nairobi, Kenya).

This will be achieved by:

  • Sending clear pictures of the products to be listed
  • Sending a detailed description of the product to be listed; this includes prices, sizes, colors etc.
  • Sending detailed information about the merchant/vendor; this includes name, phone number, location etc.

This information can be sent to:

Mob: +254 755844017 (UBRICA office)

Email: info@ubrica.com (re: sokojanja product listing) where reviewing, approval and listing will be done.

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How to shop on Soko Janja



Nairobi Friday, May 3, 2019
Jane M. Jeremiah

UBRICA – Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa, a knowledge conversion organization that facilitates the conversion of tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge.

Ubrica’s effort is concentrated in the new economies and emerging markets with the aim of increasing technological innovations first in Kenya, then Africa and the World at large. The converted knowledge will produce market ready products and services.

The purpose of this project is to build Sustainable One Health Communities (SOHCs). We believe that economic development is the most powerful means of health production.

In order to achieve this, we decided to create Ubricoin, an ERC20 token built on Ethereum Blockchain protocol. We shall use Ubricoin to support design, develop and implement Ubrica projects, that will involve building world class advanced biomedical research providing highest quality health care services in the country.

We have been working tirelessly to ensure our coin is active in the cryptomarket. In order for this to happen, we have made several orders buying and selling Ubricoins on the decentralized exchanges platform, Star Bit Ex and LedgerDex.

For easy understanding on how to trade Ubricoins on LedgerDex exchange with other crypto-currency’s such as: BAT, SBT, OMG, DAI, we created a short video clip that is available on Youtube: https://youtu.be/_1XXHBXOdsE

During the 1st week of May, several meetings were held at Ubrica offices, to discuss the trade exchange platforms that are mobile user friendly. As an organization, we realized a lot of Ubricans are unable to trade on the web for lack of access to a laptop. We therefore attempted downloading on our smartphones several mobile apps such as Mobidex and Star wallets. Using these apps, we learnt how to trade Ubricoin with other tokens.

Most part of the week was spent discussing on listing Ubricoin on a centralized exchange. A good example was P2PB2B:2.5 BTC exchange. A trading network that provides businesses and individual traders with multi-support, strong security and Open Application Programming Interface (API). On this platform, one can exchange UBN to USD/UBN to ETH/UBN to BTC.

The listing of a new cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange network involves large amount of money, approximately Ksh. 2,000,000/- which is a challenge for us to raise currently. Therefore, we have embarked on researching both locally and internationally the most efficient, reliable and affordable exchange.

In Nairobi Kenya, we visited Bell Frics office located in Westlands to find out their terms and listing fee of our coin. This move proved unfruitful as the fee was excessively too high.

Lastly, we resorted to seek help from other Ubricans both locally and globally to raise the listing fee. The response from the society of Ubricans has been very positive, we are very optimistic our coin shall be listed soon in the best centralized exchange network!

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How to shop on Soko Janja


Nairobi, Friday, May 10, 2019

Jane M. Jeremiah


We, at Ubrica, developed Ubricoin (UBN), a utility token to give people access to Ubrica ecosystem.

We developed Ubricoin, on Ethereum protocol to serve as a platform devoted to improving quality and access to health for all. Ubricoin will help to achieve global health industry and create market intelligence through a cryptocurrency reward system that will inspire positive contribution to health improvement in Kenya and around the world.

Using Ubricoin, we will gather intelligent data about health, nutrition information and diseases. Diseases in Africa can easily be prevented by simple measures, starting with proper education. The community must be educated on ways and means to always stay healthy and to keep personal hygiene (soul, mind and body) and so have a healthy society. These diseases affect our women and children which form the most vulnerable class. Diseases like diarrhea, one of the deadliest diseases in Africa, claims many lives and is very common among the poorest people in our society. Diarrhea is the result of contaminated water, inadequate hygiene, poor sanitation and malnutrition. According to the World Health Organization [WHO], 2018) approximately 525,000 children under the age of five die each year in Africa due to diarrhea. Poor diet and inability to absorb proper nutrients during diarrhea episodes, are factors that contribute to death of little children.

We, as a life-science and health production organization decided to help the community by taking a major step. We created an online retail store market known as Soko Janja https://sokojanja.com/ We have observed how the local farmers and manufactures struggle to sell their produce to the market. Lack of market and proper medical attention has largely contributed to poverty in the society. Soko Janja market has been created to sell produce from farmers and local manufacturers to the local and international market. Manufactures and farmers are now able to sell their products through our online market which has generated wealth in people’s pockets and are now able to access good health care services and live healthy lives. Malnutrition due to poverty, can now be eradicated easily once the society can afford to feed itself properly.

We are enthusiastic to reach 14 million families in Kenya to list their products, produce and services into our retail market Soko Janja. Therefore, in the course of the week, we visited a potential client Mr. Adam from Kamukunji area who was interested in selling his products on Soko Janja. We took photos of his products and some few samples of the items he is selling. The samples taken are important to us, since most customers interested in buying on Soko Janja request to see the samples of the items displayed before purchasing them. As soon as we were done with Mr. Adam, we engaged with other merchants nearby. We explained to them what Soko Janja is and how they too can advertise and market their products on https://sokojanja.com/

As Ubrica, we are very interested in educating the society on how Ubricoin can be traded in the crypto market. Subsequently, we held a very successful 2-day meeting with members of Huduma Christian Revival Church in Rongai. Church members learnt how to trade UBN on Star Bit Ex and LedgerDex exchanges, furthermore, how they can invest in the company by buying Ubrica shares.

Ubricoin is doing just great! This week, we saw the rise in the value of UBN as we continued to trade UBN on Star Bit Exchange while making numerous transactions. As we all know, UBN will be the standard currency for medical services, research and development, innovation, translation and commercialization of knowledge. We therefore, continue to research extensively on other trading platforms where UBN can be traded.

Ubricoin, will act as a store of value and as an investment instrument. We have seen other cryptocurrencies rising in value tremendously. This intrinsic power for crypto-currency increasing in value (such as what occurred with Bitcoin), gives them characteristics of precious metal, such as gold. As you know the price of gold changes with time.

These factors have made us want to gain a deeper understanding of what money is, and its effect on health. We embarked on researching various topics such as:

  • Deflation, inflation and hyperinflation,
  • Functions of money
  • Influence of GNP, GINI Index and GNP per capita on health.

The community in Kenya is very excited that for the first time in the history of Kenya there is a crypto-currency (money) that shall support them. This led to Ubrica and our president meeting with the Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMIC) in Nairobi. During the meeting, they discussed how Ubrica can partner with DMIC to help find a sustainable solution for diabetes management in Kenya.

Since 2014, Ubrica has wanted a better Kenya and Africa in life science and health care. let us now improve lives and lift the life of another.

Thank you for your trust and belief in us. We look forward to serving you better.

Ubrica cares for Africa for Kenya.

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Read Ubricoin White Paper V2.2

Coming out soon! Ubricoin White Paper V2.3

How to shop on Soko Janja


Is Artificial Intelligence a Panacea?

The Term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined in 1956, but AI has become popular today.

We at Ubrica, with the use of Ubricoin to implement health projects, will ensure sufficient support for discovery of solutions to most troubling health problems emerging from the African continent.  It is our aim to build and provide high advanced health care services that will embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI, is a computer technology used for the purpose of collecting data for research purpose, detect diseases, manage chronic diseases and deliver health services.  AI has the potential to aid early detection of infectious disease outbreaks and sources of epidemics, such as water contamination. It has the ability to collect, analyze and make sense of extensive amounts of unstructured and variable data; visual images, text and statistical numbers. Making it more powerful and effective at performing tasks. Currently we have major disease areas that use AI tools, these include cancer, neurological and cardiological disease.

With the ability to use a computer, AI can perform tasks that are similar to those of human learning, as well as decision making. The AI system will use speech, text recognition to compare the symptoms and medical history provided by the patient, against a database of symptoms, diseases and diagnosis.

Our goal using AI tool is to bring together all human health data, historical record, the modern electrical health record, new patient data, research studies, clinical trials, drug and device development and more. And to analyze it all, AI will offer correlations, recommendations for treatment and put the information into the hands of healthcare professionals.

Human researchers typically only read a few hundred published medical articles per year, out of the thousands that are available. Using AI to read and analyze and correlate these articles will present a more efficient solution, faster and accurately.

Benefits of AI

AI performs frequent high volume computer tasks without fatigue.  AI cannot be sold as an individual, rather it is improved. AI can act as life coaches reminding patients to take pills, exercise or eat healthier. AI can also improve health crisis due to lack of availability of doctors, nurses and other clinically trained staff, long ques in hospitals and clinics, long wait times for specialized surgeries and other procedures.

By allowing AI to handle large volume of simple care and diagnostic tasks, will free up doctors and nurses to attend to more complex cases. We know a doctor can be prone to misdiagnosis due to how difficult it can be to distinguish specific diseases; with AI medical errors this can be reduced.


Despite its benefits, AI faces its own challenges as well. AI system for health focuses on a single task, it cannot be given another different task. AI is far from behaving like humans who are able to multi-task.

AI has been slow to develop in the healthcare system due to outdated computer systems, doctor shortages, fragmented or non-existent data.

AI only limitation is, it learns from the data its fed on. The only way in which knowledge can be incorporated. Therefore, any inaccuracies in the data using the traditional internet method, will be reflected in the results. But using Blockchain technology, there is no central location that stores data, thus data cannot be tampered with.

Before the AI systems can be developed in healthcare, they need to be trained through data generated from clinical activities. Such as screening, diagnosis, treatment and so on. Hence time consuming.

As we conclude, bringing about AI in healthcare will be a challenge but we all know as the Swahili people say, ‘haba na haba hujaza kibaba,’ which means little by little fills the measure, and so little by little, step by step with patience, AI is advancing by the day. Although, it is not the next panacea for health problems.


Jane M. Jeremiah



We believe in a future where everybody will access to best health products and services. Ubricoin will improve health related quality of life. This will reduce the vast burden of disease particularly in the developing world, and eliminate years of life lost.

We believe there is enough money in the world to support best quality health care for everyone. Using Ubricoin, we shall build financial incentives to ensure scientific innovation in service of health production.

Ubricoin, using Blockchain technology will enable transfer of money faster and immediately without delay for there is no trusted third party. Therefore, using Blockchain technology, we will cut down on money transfer expenses and therefore improve the living standards of most people.

We believe in a world of transparency; all money transfer transactions are open for everyone to see where the money is, where it is coming from and where it is going. By creating a rating system, all hardworking people who contribute knowledge for the betterment of humanity, shall be rewarded by giving them Ubricoin incentives eliminating mediocrity in academia and industry.

Subsequently, it shall bridge the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer. By using the rating system, the consumer shall be able to give positive or negative feedback to manufacturers and vice versa.

We believe in rewarding our community with Brevis (fraction of a UBN). We shall reward both those who use our coin to do transactions and those who hold the Ubricoin. Those individuals with good health seeking behaviors shall also be rewarded.

We believe that economic health is the chief guide of sustainable one health in any community globally. This is by promoting healthy lifestyle and positive health outcomes by identifying problems early in enough in areas in health care system while proposing solutions for pressing issues.


https://ubricoin.ubrica.com/whitepaper (version 2.1)


Jane M. Jeremiah

Understanding our online customers persona.

Prepared by: Tony Munuhe for UBRICA Marketing Team.

Before you dive into shaping your content-marketing strategy, it’s important to understand and define your buyer personas, as well as the journey they go through from the awareness to decision stages of buying your product.

A persona is a representation of your target customer. It’s a picture you paint based on research and interviews with actual customers. A persona goes beyond basic demographics to include the intangible elements that make a person tick. Your customers’ personas can be based on actual data as well as educated guesses of your customer demographics, goals, behavior patterns, and motivations.

Survey your current customers i.e. use a free service like Survey Monkey to create an online survey which you can send out to your customers. Look for trends in the responses you get!

An essential component of inbound marketing is the utilization of online content to attract potential customers. Many different types of content can be developed, and in many cases, marketers might target customers by using a combination of approaches, including:

data as well as educated guesses of your customer demographics, goals, behavior patterns, and motivations.

Survey your current customers i.e. use a free service like Survey Monkey to create an online survey which you can send out to your customers. Look for trends in the responses you get!

An essential component of inbound marketing is the utilization of online content to attract potential customers. Many different types of content can be developed, and in many cases, marketers might target customers by using a combination of approaches, including:

NB:- All these methods can be effective, but only if you truly understand your audience. What type of content is most likely to generate a response from a particular type of customer? How does your ideal customer prefer to engage in the sales process? What problems do customers need to solve, and how does your business help them?

Sample Questions You Can Use

Q1. Which is you age bracket/category?

♣18 and below

♣  19 to 24

♣  25 to 29

♣  30 to 34

♣  35 to 39

♣  40 to 44

♣  45 to 49

♣50 and above

Q2. What is your gender?

  • Male
  • Female

Q3. Where do you live i.e. local area name and county

Q4. Which category do you belong in terms of earning a living?

  • Employed
  • Self-employed
  • Not employed(supported financially)

Q5. In what industry do you work?

Q6. On a scale of 1 (not much at all) to 5 (super aware), how aware are you of web accessibility?

Q7. Using the same scale, how aware of accessibility do you think most of your colleagues are?

Q8. What are your biggest challenges related to web accessibility?

Challenge 1  ………………………………………..

Challenge 2…………………………………………

Challenge 3…………………………………………

Q9. Where do you prefer to do your shopping?

  • Offline(Shops, Supermarkets, Malls)
  • Online(Internet)

Q10. What are you biggest concerns about buying products online?

Q11. Which social networking website/platform do you use most(pick only one)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+(Plus)
  • Telegram
  • Tumblr
  • Other

If you choose “other” please specify.

Q12. What gadget/device do you use to access the Internet

  • Desktop Computer/Personal Computer
  • Laptop Computer
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Phone

Q13. Where do you learn about new information for your current job?

  • Co-workers
  • Trainings/workshops
  • Conferences
  • Industry blogs, websites
  • Social media/networking sites
  • Other

If you choose “other” please specify

Q14. Which publications or blogs do you read often?

Q15. How do you prefer to interact with vendors/sellers?

  • Face to face
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter )
  • Expos/Exhibitions
  • Other

If you choose “other” please specify

Q16. What types of events or situations cause this you to realize the need for a product/service?

Q17. Where do you go to learn/research about a vendor, product or service?

  • Family, Friends, and Colleagues
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Other

If you choose “other” please specify

Q18. What other offline resources do you use?

Q19. Who do you ask for product/service recommendations?

  • Family and Friends
  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • Existing Customer
  • Technical Expert
  • Other

If you choose “other” please specify

Q20. When you are considering a purchase, what is the evaluation process, and how do you decide to purchase that product or service?

Other Questions Marketing Team Should Answer (Market Profiling)

 Q1. What types of customers do you typically meet (both online and offline)? Q2. Why do different types of customers typically make a purchase?

Q3. What reasons do customers cite for selecting your business over a competitor?

Q4. What are the most common objections you hear?

Q5. What technical and demographic information do you have about your website visitors?

Q6. How do you currently market?

Q7. Can you describe marketing campaigns that have been the most successful?

Q8. Can you describe marketing campaigns that have failed?

Q9. Which Blog Posts/You Tube Videos/Face Book Posts/White Papers have received the most traffic?

Q10. What are the most frequently asked questions from customers?

Q11. Which page on the website receives the most impressions?


Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. They can often leads to some of your most helpful answers. While the list above can be very useful to refer to, feel free to create your own questions as you see fit based on your industry.

The more you understand about your customers, the better you will be able to reach them. Persona development is a cost-effective process that will allow you to get the most from your inbound marketing budget. You will be able to:


Posted by: Jane J.


By Jane M. Jeremiah

The basic components of a URCC include a one-health clinic/health facility, a retail store surrounded by a series of produce/product processing workshops.

The workshops in the URCC model will process fresh produce (food co-op), milk (dairy co-op), edible animal products (meat co-op), garments (leather co-op), furniture (wood co-op), and metal fabrication (metal co-op). It will also feature a veterinary clinic, a water plant, a healing garden, and a flower garden.


Photo 1: Local members of the Co-operative Society deliver produce to the workshops for improvement and packaging. Complete products are shipped to the retail market for sale. A fraction of the sales proceeds is allocated to the health fund.

For more information, visit us on:


Dr. Waruingi M, Kariuki Grace, Akwabi Leyla (April 1, 2017) Ubrica Retail Clinical Centre (URCC). Retrieved from ‘Implementing the 4th element for Global health production.’