UBRICA’S engagement pillar involves engaging people at their basic level of existence to discover how we can work with them to create wealth.

Kenyan subsistent croppers and pastoralists living in rural areas are extremely impoverished because they cannot find market for their produce. The only available market comes to them in form of organized cartels who buy the farm produce and livestock at a throw away price.

UBRICA recognizes this and acknowledges that a person becomes poor when he or she is unable to exchange his goods and services for currency Nearly 95% of people living in Kenya are unable to find market for more than 80% of their farm produce.

Even at the throw away price that comes from cartels, they are only able to purchase less than 20% of all produce
The rest go to waste. Perishable produce such as flowers, fruits, vegetables rot away in people’s stores.
Local people therefore have it hard generating wealth.

These people are afraid to seek medical services until these the disease is in advanced stages . They are forced by their advanced conditions to seek medical services but often no or little money to pay for medical services.
The medical service provider reduces the quality and quantity of service offering to match the little money available from the patient. The severe lack of money to pay the providers in Kenya has led to a severe decline in the quality of medical services.

What solutions do we find fit therefore?
Logical reasoning indicates that the fundamental solution to health production lies in a system that improves the economy of each individual. In that connection, UBRICA has created a system to help people find market for their produce, services and products. In order to participate on this platform, one must first join and become a member of Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) known as the co-operative society of Ubricans. (CSU)
Once joined, our community workers help the members to send to market whatever they are producing. UBRICA has created an online retail store known as Soko Janja. (
There, members can buy and sell produce, products and services. People are already enrolled on Soko Janja and exchanges are ongoing. It is therefore the right time to enrol yourself and put your products and services up for sale.
Upon enrolment, individuals can post pictures of their produce, products and services to the online retail store.

Members will be able to create wealth and use that wealth to finance health production for themselves and their loved ones. We will use Ubricoin to facilitate the management of the online store.
Ubricoin will be the means of exchange as well as an incentive structure to encourage people to buy from each other to activate local economy.

Buy your Ubricoin today, open a wallet and enrol on Soko Janja, a platform that is meant to operationalize wealth creation for each individual in any given community.


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UBRICA’s goal is to have Ubricoin accepted by 2024, as the standard method of payment for all the families in Kenya, with an approximation of 14 million families or more. Ubricoin is projected to be the most used currency in making payments for Medical care, groceries, school fees, transport, entertainment, for purchase of commodities such as Vehicles, buildings, land and for funding of major projects.
Services such as those of architects, engineers, doctors lawyers and teachers will accept Ubricoin.
Labour providers and paraprofessionals will also accept UBN as their means of payment for labour.
Petrol station owners and local citizens will pay for petroleum using Ubricoin.
Business owners will pay and accept payments in Ubricoin.

The value of Ubricoin will increase as many people become Ubricoin holders and use it as a common tender.
At this primary stage therefore, the target is to help at least one million people create Ubricoin wallets. This will translate to a value of one million squared; that is, a value of one trillion.

Two billion Ubricoin is thereby set aside to be distributed to one million people so as to facilitate adoption by 11,760,000 people by 2024.
The principle mechanism for the distribution of the two billion Ubricoin is by allocating the coins directly from the main contract to individual wallets held by people in various locations across the country. This is the primary network creation strategy.

Primary network creation.
UBRICA developed a program that helps the Ubricoin network. Network creation involves distributing Ubricoin to clusters of nested generations with disparate distribution conditions.
A generation is categorised depending on the source of the Ubricoin.
The first generation, (G1), comprises of people who receive Ubricoin directly from Ubricoin contract assisted by the UBRICA team.
Each generations downwards receives Ubricoin from the preceding generation.
There exists a referral program to reward each generation as an incentive to help reach the one million target.

Secondary network creation.
Soko Janja is the secondary mechanism for coin distribution and adoption. People will use Ubricoin in Soko Janja for purchases and will also receive new coins as loyalty points for purchasing in Soko Janja. The incentive program will also act as a mechanism of distributing Ubricoin in future.

It is therefore in your best interest to purchase your Ubricoin as soon as now. Your acquisition helps build a strong network of Ubricoin holders and raises the value if the coin.
Buy yours today!


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Decentralized finance has quickly and rapidly become a buzzword across many nations. By allowing people to connect to to new decentralized lending, exchange, savings and other decentralized finance platforms, like Ubricoin, blockchain provides an alternative to traditional banking services.
Those comfortable operating in this ecosystem are able to wield their assets with greater fungibility.

The use of fiat currecies has been ongoing for thousands of years. Fiat currencies delivered us from an era where we bartered for goods and services. In the current century however, fiat currencies are holding us back. They are slow on transaction, that is, people have to wait many hours or days for transactions to go through.

Cryptocurrencies have proven very advantagious in the sense that, they have improved by a great percentage global trade. Currency flow on blockchain takes minutes, to and from anywhere in the world. Delayed payments to international sellers causes delayed shipments of commodities in purchase when using fiat currencies. Cryptocurrency transactions take minutes and are therefore very fast and timely.UBRICA has gone out of it’s way to set up a common online market where Ubricoin holders from any part of the world can sell and buy commodities under a this common currency, Ubricoin.

Cryptocurrencies have lower costs. Not only do regular banks charde you for transfer money, but you are always met by additional one-off charges for transactions, while still receiving a worse than market exchange rate when sending money abroad. These are great losses to your business.
Aswitch from high fees of fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies sees cheaper products in stores, better wages for workers and increased profits for companies, as costs of production are lower.

Many governments spend a lot of miney around the world trying to prevent counterfeiting of fiat money. That ranges from producing money that is harder to forge, to police actions, investigations and court cases. With cryptocurrency, money is stored digitally, and securely. There is zero possibility of forgery.

Because the price of fiat currencies is dependent on the economy of the country and the government’s management of it, either printing more of it to lower its value or decreasing how much is available to increase it. This can make currencies particularly turbulent to political or economic troubles in a country.
Cryptocurrencies are not run by governments and can be used in most countries around the world. They remain solid even if there are big problems in one country or even a region. Only a globally worsening economy can affect their value.

With cryptocurrencies, your money is always secure because no individual or government can devalue it by printing or creating more. As more people use cryptocurrencies, such as Ubricoin, their value will also increase.
Meaning they will likely rise at the same rate or a little higher than inflation even when fully established.
There are so many good factors behind buying yourself some Ubricoin, right now, and in the near and far future.
Buy your Ubricoin now!


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Ubricoin is a cryptocurrency under UBRICA.
UBRICA developed Ubricoin on blockchain to serve as a platform devoted to improving quality of health for all.
It is a life science and heath production organization that uses Ubricoin to avail health care and is aimed at achieving global health.
In that light, UBRICA hereby is looking to hire Ubricoin ambassadors across the globe and in Kenya, who will be very helpful in creating awareness and serving as link between the company and people in society.

UBRICA is in search of 500 ambassadors in Kenya alone, and 500 more ambassadors to serve in the diaspora. The company is therefore in search of 1000 ambassadors in total.

Applications are required to have the subject matter as , APPLICATION TO SERVE AS AN AMBASSADOR FOR UBRICOIN IN THE WORLD.

You are also required to state where you are from.


  1. Upon qualification, ambassadors will report to the Chief Ubricoin Ambassador in Nairobi or as you shall be adviced.
  2. Ambassadors will help find other ambassadors all over the world. People who will and can support understanding of the Ubricoin and UBRICA.
  3. You will help develop and grow a society of Ubricans and help educate people about cryptocurrencies and what cryptos can do in health production and life science itself. You will help identify ways to improve conditions of health and especially problems in access, quality and how to achieve low cost of health by increasing supply of money (Ubn) and increasing health facilities which will help provide disease prevention services and advice and curative services and medical care.
  4. You will be the face and voice of health in the world, your region and family. In this connection, you will be required to familiarise yourself with the vision of UBRICA and what cryptocurrency can do for sustainable health attainment. You will work closely with the organisation to conseptualise what you are adviced to do in every step.
  5. Educating people to learn more about UBRICA and Ubricoin and monitoring feedback from the people you talk to, (your circle of influence) so as to communicate with them effectively.

Qualities we are looking for;
a) Excellent leadership abilities.
b) Communication and good interpersonal engagement skills.
c) Have passion for building and growing relationships with others.
d) Someone who is will wiling to learn and gain knowledge about blockchain technology and cryotocurrency in general so as to be better placed to communicate with other people.
e) A team player.

Opportunities from the job

  1. You will be first to be informed about UBRICA activities.
  2. Entry tickets will be reserved for you at any event organised or sponsored by UBRICA and especially in your locality.
  3. You will be awarded an ambassador certification after 24 months of service.
  4. You will have the possibility of acquiring a letter of recommendation based on performs.
  5. You will be among the first ti be informed about UBRICA opportunities.

Matters renumeration
You will be paid 5000 ubn every month based on your performance, which means that you have to be actively working, recruiting people and encouraging others to be part of the UBRICA ecosystem.

You are required to send your application through the official UBRICA ambassador program at for rapid responses

The ambassadors team is led by Firdah Butale.
For more information, therefore contacts Firdah
Or you can reach out to Steven Imbanga also on email
To speak to an agent in our offices, call +254780743174

Do you think you fit the above described, hurry up and apply to be an Ubricoin Ambassador to the World today.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


I am beyond delighted to announce to you that UBRICA will be enrolling people through the Academy and Society of UBRICANS project which is a program that will offer courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency trading

UBRICA is aimed at solving three fundental problems in health which are access, quality and cost of health. The courses that will be provided will help you understand cryptocurrency and how Ubricoin will be used in health production.

The courses are set to begin on this coming 13th of August, and will run for eight weeks.
They will handle everything you need to know about blockchain and trading of cryptocurrencies.
There will be an intermediate training class and an advanced training class which are in line with trading cryptocurrencies and are aimed at making you a pro at trading.
The course will give insight about fundamental issues on blockchain and shed light on how to implement what you will learn.
Some of the courses to be taught are;
1. Introduction to blockchain
2. Concept of smart contract
3. Consensus algorithm
4. Blockchain mining and
5. Research levels in blockchain.

The facilitators of this eight week course will be the very able Denis Ogeta, Jordan Muthemba and Kelvin Kamiti, from the blockchain team in UBRICA.

The course will cost 1 ETH, which transaltes to 200$ or 20,000 Ksh for all eight weeks.

To get started, visit,
Then on your left you’ll see a ‘courses’ icon.
Click on it.
You will see the option of ‘member login’.
To get access to the content, you will have to pay a fee of 40$, or 4000 Ksh for each course.

The courses will be offered online so you do not have to worry about commuting. You get informed in the comfort of your location. Do not miss out on this learning opportunity. You can never stop learning. Make every opportunity a learning chance. Mark your calender. I know I have.


Dr, Macharia Waruingi is the CEO at UBRICA, a company that is aimed at achieving universal health through it’s very able cryptocurrency coin called Ubricoin. The company targets every aspect of sustainable health and avails services as it contributes to the overall development plan.

Dr, Macharia Waruingi attended the university of Nairobi, in Kenya between the years 1988-1993 where he acquired a degree in Medicine and surgery.

In 2004- 2008 Dr, Macharia studied at the University of Phoenix, where he became a Doctor of Health Administration, Health care Administration.

Dr, Macharia has experience in various health related fields and they list;

    Sep 2014 – Present 5 years.
    Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa.
    Building the most prominent high-tech research and development centers in Africa.
  2. Dr. Macharia Waruingi, Executive Member, Medical Advisor, Africa
    International Union of Architects-Public Health Group
    May 2013 – Present 6 yrs 4 months
    United States.
    Advise on design, development and implementation of world class health systems in frontier markets.
  3. Professional Fellow of the Center for Health Systems and Design
    Texas A&M University
    Oct 2012 – Present (6 yrs 11 months)
    College Station, Texas.
    Working with other Fellows in an interdisciplinary environment to discover systems for health that fit the needs of local people.
  4. President and Chief Executive Officer — Ustawi | The knowledge conversion organization)
    Ustawi Research Institute
    Jan 2010 – Present (9 yrs 8 months)
  5. Ustawi CEO
    Frontier Markets
    Jan 2010 – Present (9 years 8 months)
    Designing, developing and implementing world class medical centers, ambulatory care systems, clinical diagnostic laboratories, and pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing and distribution systems.
  6. Doctoral Dissertation Mentor
    School of Advanced Studies
    Feb 2009 – Present (10 years 7 months)
  7. Founding Chair
    Company Name, KDNC
    Dates EmployedJan 2004 – Present.
    Employment Duration15 years 8 months
    Founded the Kenya Development Network & Consortium, a global health and human development agency. The KDNC focuses on social, economic, and environmental development through research, education, and incubation of mission based enterprises. Provides strategic direction for the organization.
  8. Visiting Scholar
    Company Name, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University
    Dates EmployedNov 2015 – Dec 2016
    Employment Duration1 yr 2 mos
    LocationBryan/College Station, Texas Area
    Design, development of implementation of Ubrica project comprising, Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers, Ubrica Pharma, and Ubrica One-a masterplanned all inclusive biomedical industrial park in East Africa.

I have had the opportunity to a sit down with this very intelligent man and it is without doubt that I say he is very passionate about the health sector, empowering people and most importantly, according health care to all, irregardless of your position in society. His vision is what attracts many masses to the courses he believes and stands for and it is remarkable how he does his work with deligence and inbound charisma. He is certainly, a mentor to thousands and from experience, remains very relatable to everyone.

Stand by and for his great vision by purchasing your Ubricoin today and get enrolled on the UBRICA ecosystem.


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If you decide that you want to jump into the rapidly growing market, and trade cryptocurrency, well you probably are making one of the most life changing decisions of your life.
Like a good business, being equipped with knowledge on trading can earn you a lot of money.
Byt let us start with the basics. How is the process of trading like?
Below is a very well detailed video of how to trade Ubricoin on FINEXBOX.

That wasn’t so bad, now was it? Once you have made your first purchase, I think you will find that it is easier than you thought it would be.
Remember to keep your Ubricoin safe. It is one things to have ut, and another to ensure it is indeed safe until you are ready yo cash it in.
To purchase more ubricoin;


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Cryptocurrency trading is the initiation of operations on an exchange in order to buy or sell cryptocurrency at a certain price with the intention of profiting on the rise or fall of the rate.

You can start trading Ubricoin in the following steps.

  1. Study the terminologies of cryptocurrency. Familiarize yourself with some of the terms you will come accross as you trade. This will help you make moves that you are about and aware of.
  2. Choose a cryptocurrency trading platform. For example, BITEXLIVE, is very convinientvfor trading Ubricoin. You are however allowed to register on several cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. Get acquainted with the terminal and the crytocurrency terms of trade.
  4. Determine your strategy for trading crytocurrency. Based on your discoveries as you familiarise with exchanges and trading, you will be able to determine a suitable strategy for trade.
  5. Analyse and choose your cryptocurrencies for trading.
  6. Based on this anlysis, look for entry points into the market. (This is the price at which one initiates a deal)
  7. Wait for the right moment, be a wise trader and start making money.


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According to a 2017 survey carried out on Kenyans aged 15-65, by the National Campaign against Drug Abuse (NACADA), results showed that 12.2% were using alcohol, 8.3% were using tobacco, 4.1% were using khat/miraa and 1.0% were using bhang/cannabis.

Now, if you are going to indulge in all known ways of alcohol and substance abuse, which are very harmful to your health by the way, how about you ensure that your health, which is so much at risk by so doing is catered for in terms of expenses and quality services?

I am no advocate for substance abuse, but many people do not shy from it’s use despite being fully aware of the consequences that are tied to the same.
So I am here to propose that you take up the thought of buying Ubricoins, for the wide probability of needing medical attention and cannot afford it.

Set aside some money and purchase Ubricoins to be on a very safe side medically.
You can then have your ‘Fun’ with the ease and assurance that you have invested in your medical expenses worst case scenario you require medical attention.

Do not be a momentary thinker. Think beyond now. Think future. Think big moneys. I mean, If you are lucky to not have to use your coins in hospital, there are many benefits to owning Ubricoin as below emphasized.

Think about a healthy lifestyle, which then translates into a lengthy life. Think ways to extremely revolutionalise your life and those of your loved ones.

Enroll your partner, children, siblings, parents and friends on the Ubrica ecosystem and await a stress free medical service. It surely cannot get any better than this.


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National Authority for The Campaign Against Alcohol And Drug Abuse. Rapid situation assessment of drugs and substance abuse in Kenya. Retrieved from


Many business owners are embracing cryptocurrency as their means of exchange from customers and pay vendors. Business owners in Kenya have started accepting Ubricoin as their means of exchange.

Among many reasons, acceptance of cryptocurrency is a great way to stand apart from other businesses in the market place. Along side Betty’s place in Nyeri, a restaurant that accepted use of Ubricoin a while back, more business owners have emerged and allowed their customers to pay using Ubricoin, WAKULIMA HARDWARE in Githiga, Kiambu being the most recent.

Wondering if accepting cryprocurrencies is the right fit for your business? That will depend on your business needs, but typically, cryptocurrencies are advantageous for various reasons.

Allow me to tell you why.

You and I alike have experienced the waits on banks for money to be availabke in your bank account. Cryptocurrency transactions occur in real time and within a few minutes. This means that there aren’t various banks slowing down the payment process. High transactional speeds are a bonus in today’s world and especially in business.

Cryptocurrency is comparable to cash in that you either have the funds or you don’t. Transactions using cryptocurrency are usually final as they are added to a blockchain via mining. This system verifies funds and makes it impossible to spend more than you own. Both parties apprive of transactioms and thereby have no disptes and chargebacks do not happen.

Business use a lot of money in fees related to credit and debit card processing
Ubricoin is however decentralised, so it does not require a bank to verify every transaction made. That simply means you get to avoid transactional fees that you would have otherwise incurred through the bank.

Cryptocurrencies have major followers. Every day more people learn about it abd embrace it. As your customers become familiar with it’s concept, and begin to use cryptocurrencies, it will help your business if you accept digital currencies.
As much as it may still be a niche market, it will not be for much longer. The more payment options you offer your customers, the better. You do not only attract a wider customer base, you also increase the chances that they will follow through with their intended purchase.

Make your business Ubricoin accepted today and reap many benefits that come with it.


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