Let us create money to fund health in Kenya

Taking dominion over our money will ensure enough funds for world class quality of care in Kenya by Macharia Waruingi, MD DHA We are certainly incapable of financing health in Kenya. We simply do not have the money we need to pay our medical workers. Nor do we have the money to buy the materials and […]

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Share Your Coffee Story

UBRICA SUMMIT NYERI Coffee is Kenya’s fourth leading foreign exchange earner after tourism, tea and horticulture. Coffee farming has been a major economic activity in Kenya, dating way back to the pre-colonial period with the main species being Arabica and Robusta. The Kenyan brand is known for its flavor and pleasant aroma. It is estimated […]

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It’s the things we do today, and every day, that enable the breakthrough discoveries of the future. We have argued that global health is a comprehensive entity that resembles a human body. Just as optimal function of the human body relies on optimal operation of all its organs, optimal function of global health must rely […]

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Lets Create Africa: Round 2.

Lets Create Africa Wins First Round: Your help needed to win round 2 Dear Friends, Thanks to support by many of you, our project was approved and is listed on the #youforG20 website (see link below) It is time to get active now and tell your partners and friends about this major milestone. Every vote counts! Only the […]

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Let’s Create Africa

Dear Friends, Please help us win the #YouForG20 competition that will warrant our current project the much needed support and contribution by both the local and international media and communities. At the moment we need 2,000 votes to be at the top. Help us vote via the link below: Together #LetsCreateAfrica Thank you for […]

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