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It’s the things we do today, and every day, that enable the breakthrough discoveries of the future. We have argued that global health is a comprehensive entity that resembles a human body. Just as optimal function of the human body relies on optimal operation of all its organs, optimal function of global health must rely […]

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Lets Create Africa: Round 2.

Lets Create Africa Wins First Round: Your help needed to win round 2 Dear Friends, Thanks to support by many of you, our project was approved and is listed on the #youforG20 website (see link below) It is time to get active now and tell your partners and friends about this major milestone. Every vote counts! Only the […]

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Let’s Create Africa

Dear Friends, Please help us win the #YouForG20 competition that will warrant our current project the much needed support and contribution by both the local and international media and communities. At the moment we need 2,000 votes to be at the top. Help us vote via the link below: Together #LetsCreateAfrica Thank you for […]

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New England Ubricans Show Products Made in Kenya

Promoting Economic Empowerment of Women in Africa in the Live Mothers Live Babies Campaign for Global Health Members of New England Chapter of Co-operative Society of Ubricans hosted a successful show of products of Kenya at the African Festival, held in Lowell, Massachusetts, Saturday June 17, 2017. Beatrice Mwarangu and Damaris Githua, the leaders of […]

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Share Your Knowledge

Communicate Your Project Ideas to the People of Kenya Do you live abroad? Are you a Kenyan in the diaspora? Do you have ideas about how we can grow the economy of Kenya? Are you planning to implement your ideas in Kenya? Do you have projects already on the ground in Kenya? Would you like […]

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Kisii Stone and Ubrica Live Mothers Live Babies Campaign

Kenyan soapstone, known as ‘kisii,’ is found in the country’s fertile western Tabaka hills, one of the most densely populated areas in Kenya. Here, income from kisii soapstone carving helps ensure that families have shelter over their heads and hope for the future.                   Traditionally, entire families […]

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Ubrica Live Mothers Live Babies Campaign

Live Mothers Live Babies Campaign for Kakamega County by Leyla Akwabi, Grace Kariuki and Macharia Waruingi The Live Mothers Live Babies Campaign for Kakamega County is centered on implementing a psidium guajava value system to produce woman and child health by systems thinking. We intend to implement in Kakamega County, Kenya, a comprehensive program for […]

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Co-operative Society of Ubricans

The Cooperative Society Involvement in Achieving Sustainable Economic Growth and Development and Quality Health Care to Its Members through the Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers Fiona Njogu Introduction The co-operative movement in Kenya is an important player in the socio-economic development of Kenya. Co-operatives cut across all sectors of the economy and provide an important framework […]

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