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Ubrica soul searching epiphany journey, a quest for universal health, is back. This journey involves reflecting on our lives to collectively discover and bring profound understanding (breakthroughs) on universal health. Epiphany is a moment when you suddenly know you understand something or become conscious of something that is very important to your life. Epiphanies do not come from the mind. They come from the soul with the goal of moving from knowledge (information) to understanding (awareness).

During our last climb-a-thon at Ngong hills we managed to get some answers on global health. We will achieve universal health by paying the right price for the things that women produce, and for services provided by women. We shall not achieve global health if we continue to exploit women by paying very low prices for the products of their labor. Many women die during pregnancy because they do not have money to buy things that would help them improve the strength of their body, or money to go to the clinic for checkup. Middlemen and brokers who buy goods produced by women at dirt cheap prices exploit them, ultimately driving them to extreme poverty. We will change all this by making sure that every woman is paid the right price for her work. We will change all this by helping women have direct access to the market through our online market store known as soko janja. Here they can sell their products directly without brokers and middlemen.

We will be going back to Ngong hills next month (28/7/2018) in search of more answers on how to improve the health of mothers and children. No woman should die trying to create life and every child should be given a chance to live. According to research by world health organization, 830 women die every day worldwide, just because they are pregnant. 99% of all women who die during pregnancy reside in developing countries. Ubrica aims at creating awareness to solve this problem.


Quest for Universal Health

Our quest involves an African mountains climb-a-thon. The climb-a-thon will bring people from all over the nation and the world.  Together will seek to understand universal health, and seek answers on what it will take to achieve it.


  • Our health system is broken and does no work
  • Our people die from diseases that others have known how to cure for centuries
  • Our women die just because they get pregnant
  • Children die just because they are born
  • Our hospitals do not have supplies
  • Our medical professionals are frustrated
  • Our nurses and our doctors are in recurrent strikes. As soon as one group is done the other one picks up the strike

These problems indicate that

  • We do not know health
  • We do not produce health
  • We do not make health
  • We do not have health

Therefore, we cannot provide health, for no one can provide something s/he doesn’t have not have.


What is health?

  • How do we produce it?
  • How do we make it?
  • How do we have it?
  • How do we provide it?


To find answers to the question we have to go on a collective soul searching journey to seek the answers together, collectively as a nation.

We must gain insight into the five levels of universal health:

  • individual health,
  • family health,
  • community health,
  • nation health, and
  • global health.

We embark on an epiphany journey which will involve climbing a mountain a month for until we find the answer to the question. Together we get to understand universal health.



Blockchain Technology for Global Health Ensuring Universal Health Access for You and Your Loved Ones


To become the source of hope for people excluded from access to health
To build an ecosystem for excellence in life science, health and education

We believe in a future where everybody has access to best health products and services. We believe in great health that is easily accessible and affordable to all. We believe in a future of universal health access by provide a solution to:
improve health related quality of life (QOL) and quality adjusted life years (QALY)
reduce the enormous burden of disease (BoD) particularly in the developing world, and eliminate years of life lost (YLL) due to disease
To create a health conscious community that rewards people who provide valuable contribution to knowledge in lifescience, health and education through a reward system
To facilitate and support Ubrica online retail store known as Soko Janja (see shop.ubrica.com) to help operationalize wealth creation by each individual in any given community
To support design, development and construction of at least 100 health centers in Kenya
To support the design and development of science and technology parks in developing countries which will facilitate sharing of knowledge, promote innovation and advance research to viable commercial products
To support the design and implementation of Biomedical Industrial city

To explain the significance of Ubricoin we have to think about the stakeholders of the coin. We have two types of stakeholders:
Core stakeholders -those visible and readily identifiable parties with a stake in the firm’s existing operations: investors, directors, staffs, manufacturers and suppliers listed on soko janja, consumers, health providers at URCCs and BMIC and consumers of health in URCCs and BMICs. researchers in STPs.
Fringe stakeholders – those who are disconnected from the project itself:marginalized, the voiceless, disinterested, nonhuman, illiterate, the poor, the isolated and the divergent.
Ubricoin aims at changing the external environment by including the distant voices from the fringe stakeholders who are most of times neglected in our society. This will help us understand the concerns of distant and diverse stakeholders. Including the fringe stakeholders allows Ubrica to understand the complex and evolving issues that may potentially affect the basis of its future and addressing them. Ubricoin gives us an opportunity to build an incentive structure for goodwill and excellence . We will therefore focus on giving incentives to traditionally marginalized hardworking people who contribute knowledge for the betterment of humanity.


Kenya Medical Association (KMA) aims at engaging medical practitioners and becoming the voice for provision of highest quality of care in Kenya and beyond. Its mission is to champion the welfare of doctors and quality care for all through continuous professional development and advocacy.

KMA Membership Committee in Nairobi Division conducted a survey in June 2018 under Chairmanship of Dr. Macharia Waruingi of Ubrica, convener of membership committee, Media outreach committee  and  medical campus committee Nairobi division KMA. Preliminary results of the survey  show various concerns raised by the doctors who participated. We will be addressing each of the concerns.

One of the concerns the doctors would like KMA to address  is the welfare of interns and young doctors who are beginning their careers. Young doctors usually have a hard time as they transition from learning medicine to practicing medicine. Though the young doctors are well aware of what awaits them in the hospitals from what they have learnt in school, the transition to doing the practical work full time in the hospitals is not usually that smooth. There are many challenges that these young doctors face. They may feel left out or not included in the hospital matters, some become overwhelmed due to the tons of work. They may also become demotivated when their small achievements are not recognized. It is necessary that the management of hospitals and other senior doctors try as much as possible to create a friendly work environment for these young doctors. We however have to acknowledge the importance and the impact that attachment period has to students and their career. It prepares students for the real medical world and that is why it is essential for every student to do attachment.

It is the mandate of KMA to promote the welfare of doctors. KMA should therefore strive to establish a favorable environment in the hospitals for interns and  young doctors to ensure they perform. KMA can be organizing forums where these young doctors can be interacting with the more experienced doctors. The junior doctors can use these forums to share their views, concerns and queries. These forums can also be used to update the young doctors on the new technologies that are used in the hospitals for example use of blockchain in managing health records.



Caroline Muthoni Ndigirigi.


What are the advantages of Ubricoin?

Ubricoin is a cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer, decentralized, system designed to allow online users to process transactions through digital units from anywhere and anytime.

No Third-party Interruptions
It is a peer-to-peer transaction. Banks, Governments and other financial intermediaries can not interrupt user transactions or place freezes on Ubricoin accounts.

Low Transaction Fees
Ubricoin transactions have no intermediary institutions or government involvement, the costs of transacting are kept very low.

Global Mobile Payments
Ubricoin users can pay for their coins from anywhere they have Internet access. You never have to travel to a bank or a store to buy a product.

Purchases Are Not Taxed
One of the major advantages of Ubricoin is that sales taxes are not added onto any purchases.
Since there is no way for third parties to identify, track or intercept transactions.

Individual holders of Ubricoin will receive a smart contract to use health services at the URCC at the time of need.

The future with digital revolution

With the emergence of digital technology the future is really promising. Doing business across countries and continents has become easy and fast. Production of goods and services in the future will be more efficient and effective. Producers and manufacturers will be able to produce when there is need and therefore reduce loss brought about by production when demand is low. Quality health care will be delivered and we will be able to detect epidemics even before they emerge. Services and goods will be highly flexible from producers to consumers. Some of the difficult tasks carried out by humans will be done by machines. Therefore ensuring there is high productivity and efficiency. This is the future we are looking at with the digital technology.

At Ubrica the future is bright for all professions with the different projects that we have. Ubrica project involves building world class capability for high quality life- science and health production (LSHP) in the world. To achieve this UBRICA is built under three pillars: smart contract, human engagement and project pillar. For the three pillars to be successful UBRICA has created a coin known as Ubricoin which is built on ethereum protocol.


A smart contract is an agreement whose execution is computerized and automated .It excludes middlemen and its transactions are transparent. Smart contracts have defined obligations for both parties that are automatically enforced. Under smart contract UBRICA has created a smart reward program an incentive program to reward excellence in education, research and practice.

The incentives will be inform of airdrops or brevis. Brevis are small units of ubricoin and are convertible to fiat currency. The reward system will give incentives to practitioners in all stages of knowledge production. They include teachers in primary schools, secondary schools, universities; researchers and post university practitioners. There is a criterion against which every practitioner will be rated. The rating will be done by peers and consumers. Tokens will be issued to people who demonstrate good professional practice, work ethics and good customer service. This program will be of benefit to all professionals (e.g. doctors, academics, engineers, architects, beauticians, hoteliers, etc.). The incentive program will ensure that consumers receive high quality services and products. The suppliers will in turn receive tokens for good work.


Human engagement involves engaging people at their basic level of existence to activate village level commerce. To engage people, we have created an online e-commerce store known as soko janja. Soko janja is a marketing platform where members post pictures of their services, produce and products. Through soko janja producers of goods and services are able to get market for their products thereby enhancing wealth creation. Incentives in form of brevis will be rewarded to those who register, shop or refer new users to soko janja. People who shop on soko janja with ubricoin will get discounted prices. Members of soko janja will automatically benefit from health risk pooling where a small amount of the proceeds from sales of their products will be put aside to pay for the health services for its members. Pooling ensures the risk of financing health is borne by all the members of the pool. This will be a health insurance for all members of soko janja. The insurance will cater for the health expenses of the beneficiary and their nuclear family members. The medical fund will therefore ease the financial burden of the beneficiary. Producers and buyers on soko janja will join the Cooperative Society of Ubricans (CSU). The CSU will be a platform for savings which will earn interest. Everybody (producers and consumers) will benefit from the human engagement pillar of Ubrica


The project pillar has three projects in it: Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs), Science and technology parks (STPs) and Ubrica One Biomedical Industrial City (BMIC). URCCs project aims at constructing 100 health centers that will be leased to qualifying health practitioners. An average of two health centers will be constructed per county. The URCCs will comprise of a clinical center, a retail store and a workshop. As people go to the clinical centers for treatment, they can also go with their produce and products and sell them at the retail store. At the same time they can go to the workshops to add value to their produce and products. Producers and consumers will not have to worry about foregoing the market as they go to the hospital since they will be able to do both. Manufacturers who sell their products on soko janja will be able to receive medical services in the clinical centers for free. Individual holders of Ubricoin will receive a smart contract to use health services at the URCC at the time of need.

The proposed biomedical city will be known as Ubrica one. The design program will have five districts: a medical campus, research district, residential community, industrial park and a recreation district. Ubrica one is planned and designed to meet the healthcare needs for its residents and those working there, visitors of the medical city for tourism and other purposes.  The medical campus will have a world class hospital in it that will help in improving healthcare. It will be open for the residents and also non-residents of the city. Ubrica one will also create employment to those who will be working in the commercial district where we will have retail stores, doctors working in the hospital, researchers in the medical campus, and manufacturers in the industrial park among others. There will be an open space corridor for animals which will act as a tourist attraction site.

University science and technology parks will promote innovations and advanced research in higher learning institutions to viable commercial products. In our universities set up today researchers and students come up with products that never reach the market. We have a system of what is made in the university stays in the university. Our current institutions do not have the mind of translating this knowledge to the market. They say it is for educational purposes and that these products should just remain in the institutions. As a result we suffer from lack of productivity in the country and we end up importing simple staff that is easily done by our students. This creates a huge gap between the education system and the industries. Students who do great innovation in the institutions graduate only to go back to their communities jobless.

STPs will provide resources such as incubators, telecommunication hubs, programs and collaborative activities among others. This will create a favorable environment for innovations and commercialization of the research products. We will also provide avenues where students will be able to interact with people from different professions. In these forums students will have an opportunity to meet prospective employers and also get to learn how to commercialize their products. Employers will also get a chance to meet and interact with their potential employees. Staffs, who will create market, execute patenting and licensing of new discoveries and innovations will receive rewards in form of brevis.

With all the above projects UBRICA’s future is definitely something we all look forward to. The projects will bring about global health, efficiency and effectiveness in business transaction by use of Ubricoin, innovations in science and technology, employment opportunities, market of products and services availability for our clients and much more. This future has already begun. Do not be left out, be part of this great revolution.



Caroline Muthoni Ndigirigi.

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