Advantages of Ubricoin to fiat currency?

As a crypto-currency, Ubricoin will operate just like fiat currency (e.g., dollar, Kenya shillings), but without intrinsic friction inherent in fiat currency. You can pay for goods and services with it without incurring charges from international exchange rates. Consensus by a network of computers all over the world verify transactions on Ethereum blockchain. As such, there are no middlemen, or organizations involved in validating transactions. Computer validation of transactions is by far, safer and inexpensive, because it does not incur costs such as human resources and fees that would be involved running transaction through a third party trusted human organization, say a bank. Furthermore, it is far easier to corrupt a human being than a computer. Humans are also prone to manipulating supply of money and prices in their favor. A programmed computer validation system helps to overcome problem associated with trusted third party human organizations.

How shall we use Ubricoin?

What to consider when opening your Ethereum wallet to buy Ubricoin

Ubricon is built on Ethereum blockchain, with an ERC20 contract. You need to have an Ethereum wallet and some Ethers in your wallet to buy Ubricoin.

The following is a list of compatible wallets that accept ERC20 contract with their categories. This list is constantly changing with time.
> MyEtherWallet — online wallet
> Metamask — work with Chrome and Firefox
> Mist — desktop application
> Parity — a desktop application
> ImToken — Android phones and Apple iPhones

We recommend MyEtherWallet for an online wallet and Mist for a desktop wallet. You can also try to work with MetaMask which is also easy to work with.

Desktop wallets are considered more secure than online wallets and are highly recommended. For that we suggest official Ethereum wallet, Mist.

KMA Partnerships With Local and International Organizations

KMA Membership Committee in Nairobi Division conducted a survey in June 2018 under Chairmanship of Dr. Macharia Waruingi of Ubrica, convener of membership committee, Media outreach committee and medical camps committee Nairobi division KMA. Preliminary results of the survey  show various concerns raised by the doctors who participated. One of the concerns raised was that KMA should come up with alliances with international partners to strengthen the area of research.

KMA has an objective of liaising with other medical associations around the world. Some of the partnerships that KMA has include partnership with Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board (MP&DB), Ministry of Health, International and National Pharmaceutical Companies and Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK), Civil Society Organizations and Human Rights Groups, Universities, Medical Schools and other Institutions of Higher Learning.

Partnerships lead to combination of ideas, learning from others experiences, invention and innovations. Collaborations between the government, individual investors and other organizations  (local/ international)that deal with health will lead to improvement of healthcare for all. KMA Partnerships with health organizations in Kenya and elsewhere will play a big role in development of our health systems and also in attainment of KMA goals. A number of doctors who took part in the survey felt there is need of KMA partnering not only with local organizations that deal with health but also international ones.

As we strive to achieve global health , partnerships between local and international health producers are very critical. KMA can be organizing avenues for interaction between doctors in Kenya and elsewhere. It is in these avenues that doctors can share ideas, experiences, concerns, challenges and their possible solutions. Doctors can also learn from each other and get new ways of preventing, treating and curing different health conditions. Medics can also share with each other different technologies that they use in their work places for easy and effective functioning. Concerns that have developed from various research work carried out by different medical practitioners can also be discussed. Inventions and innovations that medics in different countries have come up with can also be shared among the doctors. These forums will lead to the professional growth of doctors and creation of sustainable solutions to health issues.

For you to give suggestions on organizations you would like KMA to partner with, click on the survey link below.


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In crypto-currency lingo, we have tokens and coins. Explain if it means the same and if not a detailed description of each and use case scenario.

Tokens and coins mean the same thing. The term coin indicates cryptocurrency as aspect of the token. That is when the token operates as cash. Ubricoin is an ERC20 utility token, built on Ethereum blockchain protocol. As an ERC20 token Ubricoin is a distributed application that operates as (a) crypto-currency, in which case we can call it a coin (just a name), and (b) a utility token in Ubrica ecosystem. As a utility token, Ubricoin is not an equity instrument such as a share of common stock. A utility token gives you access to products and services. A Ubricoin represents future access to Ubrica ecosystem. There are two types of utility tokens: (a) digital coupons, and (b) tokens that provide users with access to its decentralized forum (i.e., products on Soko Janja, health services acting as health insurance). Ubrica will issue tokens for development of its projects and this allows the token holders to access different Ubrica   products or services in future. Participants in the Ubrican community can buy the token and use them to access
Ubrica services, products and produce. The main purpose is to get access to the Ubrica ecosystem, but not to gain profits or dividends. Token holders will be enrolled on Soko Janja at no cost and get medical services at a URCCs without paying cash. The main value of the token is access to Ubrica’s proof of stake protocol tokenization platform.

How different will UBRICOIN be vis-à-vis already existing coins, which would lead to greater traction and adoption (i.e. what is its unique value proposition and competitive advantage that will attract investors)?

The unique value proposition of Ubricoin is its focus to support development of life-science and health production in developing countries. According to our knowledge, no one else has created a crypto coin to support life science and health production in Africa. We have developed Ubricoin on blockchain to serve as a platform devoted to improving quality of health for all. Ubricoin will help to achieve global health. We will use Ubricoin to develop global health industry and create market intelligence through a cryptocurrency reward system that will inspire positive contribution to health improvement around the world. We will use a smart review system to reward consumers for positive health behavior. Educators at all levels of education, researchers, and practitioners at all levels, will also receive rewards for excellence, quality of work, and positive contribution to society. We believe in a future where everybody has access to best health products and services. We believe in great health that is easily accessible and affordable to all. We believe in a future of universal health access. We expect that Ubricoin will improve health related quality of life and quality adjusted life years. In addition, we believe that Ubricoin will reduce the enormous burden of disease, particularly in the developing world, and eliminate years of life lost due to disease.

How will people benefit monetarily on their investment in UBRICA since government is rolling out universal health? .

What are the benefits of investing in Ubricoin on the long run, is it through services only?

What is the benefit of Ubricoin versus shares of common stock?

Significance of Ubricoin