Human beings have developed a kind of knee-jerk reaction whenever they are presented with ideas that seem too good to be true. They will jump into conclusions that whatever it is, if it is masked under a slogan of helping people attain wealth or improve their general wellbeing, it is a scam or a pyramid scheme. And the assumptions have been right for a majority of times but not today, so thank God it’s Friday. Let me enlighten you about Ubrica’s program to boost university science and provide technology parks for the young tech enthusiasts with no platform in which to turn their ideas into actionable knowledge and commercial technology.

What you are used to are hubs which mostly host people working on a computer, and so the cost of supporting these young minds is limited to internet access, space for operations, colleagues for insight. And in the fruition of your startup, you get to hand over a percentage of your startup to the so called hubs and then they call it helping the youth, except it’s more like exploiting.

Ubrica will change this whole norm with Ubricoin. Ubrica would like to fund the construction of Technology Parks which are geared towards sharing of knowledge, promoting and encouraging innovation an advancing research to viable commercial products. Imagine having a world class tech lab at your disposal with all resources available. A place where you can finally begin the development of that space ship that has been a burning flame in the back of your mind. Having a dedicated area for testing its practicality and its limits. That is what Ubrica has promised. And I don’t want to blow your mind but Ubrica is generous and does not wish to merely build one state of the art technology facility, it has allocated 4 billion Ubricoin (UBN) to fund, design, development, implementation and manage 66 technology parks. Wow!

Our higher education institutions are greatly under resourced and this comes as a welcome initiative to better the lives of the young brilliant minds in these institutions. These parks are not limited to universities, but they are a platform where the government and private companies may collaborate as well because it will also serve as a pool of skilled, talented labor for prospective employers. This move is set to promote and facilitate business development and entrepreneurship by bringing researchers together with experienced entrepreneurs and investors to form companies for commercializing university technology.

Ubrica is bringing to the world a second chance. A shot in the arm, a catalyst, that many have been deprived of due to the simple lack of financial support, mentorship and protection from scammers on intellectual property. Ubrica will ensure that patents and copyrights remain with the founder and will register successful startups in their database, which is available to the masses in order to catalyze relations between startups and investors. I didn’t want to blow your mind but Ubrica simply couldn’t help it.


2019-06-12 | Kaswii

 My royal eminence, here we are again, excited to explore yet another basket of goodies that UBRICA keeps blessing us with. Today we talk global health projects. UBRICA embodies a global health project built on three pillars but allow me to start from the beginning.

We created Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa [UBRICA] to address three key problems in Africa, that is: lack of access to health services, poor quality health services and high cost of care.

We plan to overcome access problem in two ways:

One way is to support construction of widely distributed clinical facilities integrated with retail centers and produce processing workshop. Such facilities will be known as URCCs. The other way is to increase supply of money by facilitating trade by online and onsite retail markets. 

We shall improve quality of medical services by supporting design, development and implementation of science and technology parks [STPs]  adjacent to all universities in Kenya. The STPs will promote translation and commercialization of university and community knowledge. This will bring to being, new knowledge technologies and services that of great quality.

We shall overcome high cost of medical services by construction of a biomedical industrial city [BMIC]. It is in the BMIC, that we will support education and manufacturing of a full range of medical devices and all products used in health systems. Locally manufactured technologies will be cheaper than imported versions. 

In my previous post, I had mentioned the smart contract. This is the system that resolves conflicts directly and efficiently. The computer program enforces a contract between two or more parties. It executes the rules when all conditions are met. Smart contracts not only define the rules and penalties around the agreement in the same way that a traditional contact does, but also automatically enforces those obligations.

Ubricoin smart contract will also act as an escrow to the UBRICA e-commerce Soko Janja. During purchase, the consumer will order an item and send Ubricoins to the smart contract. The smart contract will generate a code and send it to the buyer. The code will only be known by the buyer. The smart contract will hold the Ubricoin until delivery. Upon delivery of the item, the buyer will give the seller the code to add to the smart contract or the buyer will send the code to the contract as an acknowledgment of the receipt of the item. 

The smart contract will have a provision to divide the proceeds to different pools such as courier services and health fund. Time is set upon which, if the item is not delivered in time, the contract becomes void and the money is sent back to the buyer. The time limit helps, in-case, the seller decides not to deliver. Ubricoin smart contact will facilitate, verify, negotiate and conclude contracts between individuals and their contracting party.

UBRICA is truly, the gift that keeps on giving! 

 Let’s meet again tomorrow and uncover more gifts. I’ll be explaining to you how the reward system works and tell you how we can create wealth together. How about that? 

Information is indeed power. Don’t miss out. 

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2019-06-11 | Kaswii

My royal eminence…

As promised, I am here today to explain to you how secure our blockchain technology is. As we move forward, look into this with an open mind that is ready to accommodate all the limitless possibilities provided, as we eliminate major hurdles in our path, into the advance and seemingly secure future . 

And I begin…

Blockchain is a time stamped set of immutable seconds, managed by independent computers while owned by people and distributed all over the world. The blockchain has no central authority. It is open for everyone and anyone to see.

Blockchains is an indigenous, yet simple way of passing information from point A to point B, in a fully automated, yet safe manner as it carries no or neligable transaction cost. That’s awesome right? The verified transaction is added to a chain which is added to a block. This creates a unique record with a unique history. Altering a single transaction would alter the entire chain. As you can see, Ubricion uses this security model for monetary transaction.

Now, one of the problems that blockchain will solve is that of money transfer. If today, person A in the United States wants to send money to person B in Kenya, he/she will have to go to a trusted party say a bank. Person A will deposit the money with the trusted third party, who will in turn identify and validate person B in Kenya. The trusted third party will then move the money to person B after taking a fee. The process may take three or more days. Sometimes a week. A hectic process indeed.

 Here we see our blockchain protocol enabling transfer of money without the trusted third party, without delay and without fees. Awesome right? So you might wonder, why blockchain? Valid question. You see, blockchain facilities the inclusion of fringe stake holders, to positions of saliency at the core of decision making. Every user of the network is the owner of the network too. UBRICOIN gives us an opportunity to build an incentive structure for goodwill and excellence. We will therefore focus on giving incentives  to traditionally marginalized hardworking people who contribute knowledge for the betterment of humanity. If you ask me? Its about that time!

The law also seems to be on our side, since Buterin’s (2012) who gave us the Ethereum blockchain, allowing everyone to build smart contracts.  This system can resolve disputes directly and efficiently, reducing lawyer/client workload. It will also improve effectiveness of the criminal justice systems as everything is transparent therefore improving the quality of police work who investigate crime, and the court system that prosecutes the offenders.

 I’m not even done yet, businesses will also profit from the blockchain technology. Industries that implement the blockchain will find it easier to enforce standard operating procedures within their organization while information is readily verifiable. Blockchain also uses consensus algorithm to validate transactions. 

Dear reader, my royal eminence, blockchain is a powerful technology whose power will expand in the coming years. In the legal and business world, it will enhance precision and accountability.

The future is now!

Hop on board guys!

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2019-06-10 | Kaswii

My Royal Eminence. 

Today we get serious. Today we talk business. Someone handed me a gift that i would like to hand to you as well. The gift of enlightenment. As we morph into a global village, systems are changing. One of these major systems is financial transfer and verification of transfer if assets. These cannot be mentioned without a crypto currency pop up somewhere. Why not though? It is the next big thing. 

Want to know a secret? {whispers} Its already here…

So, what is crypto currency, you might ask. It is a currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. The goal being to provide ‘decentralized alternatives’ to current forms of money. This entails the widespread use of crypto-currencies as a medium of exchange for common goods and services. 

 Is it a good investment? It could be if you know how to invest in it. The market has been sort of volatile since its inception, yes, but there is a significant upside, the market is still young and the most optimistic investors are projecting future prices that would make buying any crypto currency a good bet. 

 Now, my royal eminence, this is where I want your full attention. UBRICOIN is a crypto-currency built on Ethereum block-chain protocol. Let me explain. Ubricoin was developed to serve as a platform devoted to improving quality of health for all. It will help in achieving universal health and therefore global health. How so you ask? We will use UBRICOIN to develop the health industry and create market intelligence through a crypto-currency reward system that will inspire positive contribution to health improvement around the world. We will use a Smart review system to reward consumers for positive health behavior. 

Yeey! Rewards for staying and promoting positive health. 

We believe in a future where everybody has access to the best health products that are easily accessible to all. We expect that UBRICOIN will improve health related quality of life and quality adjusted life years. In addition, Ubricoin will reduce the enormous burden of disease and eliminate years of life lost due to disease. 

Read that again.

Isn’t that a blessing? 

Well, if you catch my next post tomorrow, i’ll explain to you how UBRICOIN is built on a block-chain system that is secure and naturally transparent while solving major problems of money transfer, like eliminating the trusted third party as you move money from person A to person B. Sounds like more blessings ‘ey? 

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Soko Janja is a counter concept of Kenya’s Soko Mjinga. Soko Mjinga is swahili for “market of the absurd” or something close to that. In a nutshell Soko Mjinga suggests silliness, or things related to lack of wit. Soko Mjinga arose during the colonial era, as a market for used household items. You would take your items of trade to a certain location on a certain day of the week and sell them to local people visiting the market. You would sell your farm produce, second hand clothing , your hand crafted artifacts, household items you no longer required. Soko Mjinga, in and of itself is not a bad idea.

The problem arose when ujinga became that standard philosophy of market in Kenya. This traditional marketplace idea was hijacked by complacently and inanely foolish fatuousness about quality. Quality is not a requirement of all goods sold at Soko Mjinga. When quality is out the window, what remains about the products or produce offered at Soko Mjinga? As the nation grew in a post-colonial state, Ujinga spread inexorably into all parts of the nation, and across all sectors of business, and professions. Now you are likely to get Soko Mjinga of doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, restaurant owners and the like. And Soko Mjinga has spread like a virus and this philosophy of foolishness has infected all levels of government, from the national government to county level governments and even the wards in the subcounties. We now source cheaper goods from neighboring countries like Uganda with their half price eggs, the Chinese have come in by storm to dispose of their low quality electronics and other substitutes for our goods, and finally the cost of doing business in the country has since risen due to corruption.c Kenya is an extremely high economic friction environment, as Ujinga rules the trade. Quality doesn’t matter. Just sell whatever, so long as you can find a great fool to pay for it.

If we can’t rebuild what has crumbled, we might as well build something new in its place and this is where Soko Janja comes in. Soko Janja is a call to action for all people in Kenya to do away with foolishness in the market. Soko Janja insists that good respectable market requires high quality standard. To succeed we must create products of the highest quality. We must create and offers services of the best quality. To be paid we must offer the best of our products and services. According to Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged, money demands that you sell not your weakness to men’s stupidity, but your talent to their reason. Money demands that you buy not the standard they offer, but the best that your money can find. Soko Janja stands for this principle.

Soko Janja is the concept of an online retail store which facilitates wealth creation for all participants. The online store will promote the use of Ubricoin as the mode of payment for goods and services. Now, we are already half way there, citing the massive roll out of online shopping platforms across the African region which is considered by many economists the world over as the new frontier. Now all that is set to change is the mode of payment which will have to be digitized to ease transactions.

Furthermore, the Soko Janja solution comes with its incentive structure which ensures that only locally sourced goods will be traded on this online platform by locals. Shoppers will be pleased to know that they shall receive these goods and services at a discounted price. Another incentive is that there is a loyalty reward system put in place to enable Soko Janja retain customers and acquire new ones. The loyalty program will see shoppers receive points from Soko Janja which they can use to access other products and services as well as access health services in the URCCs and BMICs.

The Soko Janja movement has begun and it is upon you to get on board and buy some Ubricoin in order to be able to exploit the gifts that this ‘market’ has in store. Bitcoin was just Ksh 2000 in 2011 and now the value that it has collected is unfathomable. The Value lies in time you just need to invest in crypto because you already have time.  

Ubrica’s Solution to The Provision Of Markets for Local Products

So, Kenya imports eggs! Even toothpicks from China! Kenya is the most developed country in East and Central Africa, but in a global scale it’s still among the least developed countries. Different governments have based their political agenda on the development of this country. This gave birth to the famous Vision 2030 which is a strong advocate for the promotion of locally produced goods. Different initiatives have come up to help steer Kenya towards attaining this vision. Brand Kenya Board was established to help expose Kenyan brands to the global market. Other initiatives like, Buy Kenya-Build Kenya, are also geared towards the same goal. However, the local products still find it hard to survive the market thanks to the over flooding with imported goods.

A very high percentage of Kenyans do not get markets for 90% of their total produce. That is the magnitude of post-harvest loss. Absence of markets means huge losses. Take an example of vegetable products that don’t last long. Kenya recently imported maize from Mexico and it’s not because Kenya cannot produce maize but it is down to the frustrations of the unavailability of market. They therefore choose to venture in other things. Let’s be real how many of us have gone to the market and found their preferred vender has closed shop? Sometimes you find things so cheap you wonder how they make profit. In 2010, we saw farmers in Rift Valley pour their milk on the streets. Was it that Kenyans do not drink milk? Kenya imports fish from China despite us having lakes and ponds.

Vision 2030 heavily relies on technology. UBRICA is using the blockchain technology to bring the vision to reality. It has outlined a unit known as a Ubrica Retail Clinical Center (URCC). The URCC contains a medical clinic, a retail store, and a produce value addition and quality improvement workshop. Let’s take an example, you have a village in Kakamega. It will have a clinic and a fruit retail shop and quality improvement workshop in one unit. This means mama mboga will do her business and develop her business and stay healthy as well. We’ve seen people die not because there are no healthcare facilities but because there is no money.

Having a retail shop doesn’t mean your goods will sell. Ubrica has gone ahead and created an online store, Soko Janja, that gives exclusively local products a platform to trade. Just like cryptocurrency works without the third party. Soko Janja will operate in a peer-to-peer way without Ubrica’s involvement. This means mama mboga who has a retail store in Kakamega can do a direct transaction with a customer in Nairobi. It also means that a dairy farmer in Rift Valley doesn’t have to pour his milk on the streets while he can easily put it up on Soko Janja and sell.

A lot of people are skeptical about the blockchain technology because of the noise around it, but what people do not realize is that it can be used to our advantage. There’s no limit to human imagination and UBRICA is proving exactly that by creating ways to help the local communities.

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Ubricoin ‘Health Hero’

Coin after coin after coin has been unveiled ever since Bitcoin lit up the internet. People were almost too fascinated by the idea of a digital currency that no one person controls and that everybody can take part in. The open source nature of crypto has made it the most efficient payment method over the internet and it has quickly become the preferred choice of payment for transactions requiring transfers of huge amounts of money and more importantly as some would say, anonymous transactions in the black market.

Well universal health is about to see a most needed surge in the next decade or two following the introduction of Ubricoin, a decentralized application built on the Ethereum protocol for global health. This utility token will revolutionize the health sector by giving incentives to those areas in the health sector which have previously been neglected, and this will assist in achieving this millennium’s medical breakthroughs. Illnesses known as ‘rare diseases’ will no longer cripple the victim financially just because of the high costs big Pharmaceutical companies bear in research and development on a drug that serves less than 1% of the world’s population. It’s no surprise some dosages cost up to $3000 a year, and the people who need this drug are unable to participate in economic activities due to these diseases. Well cry no more because Ubricoin is here.

This token gives you access to the Ubrica ecosystem where disease does not hold you hostage for your lack of funds. Ubricoin is set to decentralize global health by providing high quality life science and health production in the world.  It will help in collecting crucial data in health, nutrition information, and diseases. It will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate the gathering and use of global health. I bet you are feeling healthy already. Well it gets better, the improved AI will also assist in developing early disease detection algorithms, make the monitoring of diseases and health as a whole easier and more efficient, effect and impact evaluation of health programs, improve data security and facilitate accurate and quick diagnosis.

Technology is taking the world by storm at the rate at which it evolves and there is no denying that the future of health lies in Ubricoin. Are you afraid you haven’t saved enough to cater for your medical needs in your old age? Well just buy yourself some Ubricoin and sit in wait.

Solving the Three Fundamental Problems in Healthcare through the Ubrica Projects

Ubricoin is a crypto currency developed to support a global health project (UBRICA) aimed at solving the three fundamental problems in healthcare

  1. Lack of access to health care
  2. Poor quality of care
  3. High cost of healthcare

Lack of access to health care

Ubrica plans to overcome the problem of lack of access to care in two ways. One way is to use Ubricoin to facilitate construction of widely distributed clinical facilities integrated with retail centers and produce processing workshops. Such facilities will be known as URCCs. URCCs will solve the problem of physical access to health care . Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs)will have a local produce value addition workshops, and a retail store. The local produce value addition workshops will collect primary produce in local communities to enhance value for export markets. Such value enhance products will be displayed in the onsite retail store and the online Soko Janja, for everyone on the world to see. Ubricoin will be used as payment gateway in the Soko Janja. The complete structure comprising the health services center, the produce value enhancement workshop and the retail store comprise the Ubrica Retail Clinical Center (URCC). URCCs will be the peripheral centers for data collection from the local people. Information collected from the URCCs will then be used in USTPs to develop local products for local communities.

The other way is to increase supply of money by redistributing money through Ubricoin crypto currency and facilitating trade by online and onsite retails markets.

Poor quality of care

To solve the problem of poor quality health care, Ubrics will improve quality of medical services by using Ubricoin to support design, development of science and technology parks (STPs) adjacent to all universities in Kenya. The STPs will promote translation and commercialization of university and community knowledge. This will bring to being, new knowledge technologies and services of great quality.

Ubrica Science and Technology Parks (USTPs) are knowledge conversion and transfer organizations. Ubricoin will promote exploration, research, publication, translation and commercialization of university and community knowledge in the USTPs. This will bring into being, new knowledge technologies and services of great quality. The USTPs will facilitate production of commercial products based on local knowledge collected from the local people. The USTPs will focus on the quality of knowledge, promote innovation and advance research to viable commercial products in the universities. Information collected from the local people through the URCCs will be used in the USTPs to generate products that have relevance, fit and working capacity in solving local problem.

High cost of healthcare

Ubrica will overcome high cost of medical services by using Ubricoin to support construction of a biomedical industrial city (BMIC). It is in the BMIC, that we will support education and manufacture of a full range of medical devices and all products used in health system. Locally manufactured technologies will be cheaper than imported ones.. The Ubrica One Biomedical Industrial City will be a 4,000 acre property with multiple land uses, designed for expresses purpose to promote high-tech manufacturing on biotechnology, and health care. Conditions to bring about disruptive innovations will prevail at Ubrica One. This will enable the participants to introduce brand new, less expensive and appropriate technologies for preventing, curing diseases, creating comforts of life. Technologies emerging from knowledge concentrated from local communities in Ubrica One’s catchment area will be relevant to local conditions.

Money and Technology

People my age (millennials) are considered the laziest. Don’t get me wrong, but who wants to stand on the queue or physically go to the bank for financial transactions. The millennials have heard of stories of how life used to be hard back then. From having phone booths with long lines of people waiting for their turn or how a handful had bank accounts. Times have changed thanks to technology, now we have social media platforms that connect us with a touch on the screen and banking applications on our smartphones. Few years ago you needed to go to the bank to physically do financial transaction. Then came the automatic teller machine (ATM) that use ATM cards. Mobile money followed. Kenyans are well aware of mobile money as most of them are users.
What if I told you that you didn’t need any trusted third party like banks or communication companies to do your financial transactions? Yes, it is possible, thanks to technology again. Am talking about cryptocurrency. Since the announcement of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, a lot of controversies and stories have been told about the online currency and how it will shake the banking and financial industry. We’ve seen the banks warning the people against it, we’ve also seen big companies like Facebook having a soft spot for it.

Just by the mention of the word cryptocurrency a majority of people think it’s a complicated subject that is only meant for computer scientists. It is not. Most people use WhatsApp or Instagram (for the millennials) almost daily. Both of these are applications that use the Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) to enable communication. Technological advancement has led to a new application which is cryptocurrency that also uses a new protocol known as the Blockchain Protocol which is also referred to as Money Over the Internet Protocol (MOIP). Bitcoin was the first Blockchain created that enables money over the internet.

Cryptocurrency is therefore digital money. Billions of dollars are invested in technology every year with the sole purpose of making life easier and better. However, just like any other disruptive technology, cryptocurrency will eliminate some of the already established institutions like banks which I mentioned earlier. Unlike the traditional method of moving money, cryptocurrency removes the element of the middleman. It is a peer-peer kind of transaction where for instance one sends money from the Canada to a relative in Kenya, the transaction is only between the two of them. No need to send money through the bank. It therefore plays two roles: the money itself and the sending system as well. This means it’s a decentralized kind of digital money where the banks have zero control over your money thus making cryptocurrency very powerful.

Sub-Saharan countries in general are very poor. Poverty has a direct impact on health. These countries are some of the most underdeveloped and ironically richest in natural resources. Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Center of Africa (UBRICA) a project based in Kenya has adopted the blockchain technology and created with the Ubricoin (UBN) which is a cryptocurrency in itself. With this currency Ubrica intends to take healthcare to the next level not just in Kenya but globally. The project identified three aspects of healthcare to tackle: lack of access to care, poor quality of healthcare and the high cost of healthcare. Health is a global phenomenon where people seek health services across borders, UBN being without borders means one can pay for quality healthcare anywhere in the world.

You are probably asking yourself where this money is coming from, well my next blog will tell you where!

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What is a Digital Wallet?

Normally people perceive a wallet as a small pouch where you can keep a significant amount of loose cash limited to size of the wallet and a number of debit and credit cards for financial transactions. Well guess what? A cryptocurrency wallet operates almost by the same fundamental principles that warrant you to have a leather wallet in your pocket.

A cryptocurrency wallet however is much different and much more complicated. Essentially, a cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys. It interacts with various blockchains so that the user can send and receive digital currency like Ubricoin (UBN) and can monitor transactions and balances through this wallet. By unpacking the few sentences above, you realize that the cryptocurrency wallet is the channel, a sort of ‘gateway’ to the blockchain. Now, with a normal leather wallet, you can carry money around, maybe even larger amounts in your pockets. But for any transaction involving cryptocurrency, you need a cryptocurrency wallet.

 Unlike many would assume, these digital wallets don’t actually store currency, no! They show a record of transaction stored on the blockchain. The currencies are not stored in any single location nor do they exist anywhere in any physical form. So using a digital wallet, you can monitor your balance of any single cryptocurrency, send some and conduct other operations without the worry of having a single coin stolen. So when someone sends you some UBN, what they are doing is essentially acknowledging the transfer of ownership of the coins to your wallets address.

In order to unlock the potential that blockchain has come with, you need a digital wallet, just as you would need a spoon to eat. You can eat with your hands, but isn’t a spoon more efficient. Blockchain eliminates the need of a third party during the transfer of assets (digital), which makes it the financial system of the future. So if you don’t like the way the banks are handling your cash, do it yourself. Get yourself a wallet, use it to purchase some crypto and wait for it to grow in value.

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