NAME: Naomi Ng’endo Thotho

DATE: Thursday, August 23, 2018

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018, we spent the day in Rongai going from hospital to hospital talking to doctors telling them about Ubrica Global Journal System . The System is created to host many publications for peer reviewed works by professionals.

The Clinical Proceedings from Hospitals of Kenya publishes the clinical works emerging from hospitals in Kenya. This journal accepts submissions from proceedings of grand rounds and similar clinical-pathology meetings, taking place in teaching hospitals in Kenya, case reports, anecdotes, original research works, monographs, theses on clinical subjects.

We met in Tumaini at 8:00am and had visited seven hospitals namely; Beacon of Hope, The Karen Hospital, Agha Khan Hospital, Hope Care Medical Centre, Mariakani Hospital, Garlands Medical Centre and Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

Most of the doctors had not heard of the Ubrica Global Journal or Ubrica so we started each meeting with a brief explanation of what our company was all about. We also told them of the importance of posting these journals which would help improve healthcare by providing a platform for various doctors to talk about their different experiences and how they deal with various issues.

The response from the doctors was very positive, they liked the idea and were willing to participate. Doctor Musa Atuti from Nairobi Women’s Hospital invited us to join them for their weekly meeting and get to talk to the other doctors in the hospital about the Ubrica Global Journal. We got the doctors contact information to follow up and some agreed to pass by our office to talk more about it and meet Dr Macharia Waruingi.

One of the doctors was concerned with the lack of internet access for some doctors and we told him we would help publish the journals and reports on behalf of the doctors. Another challenge we faced was the lack of detailed written material containing information about our site.

In overall the fieldwork was successful and we learned a lot on how to make the eventful fieldwork better.

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We propose to implement Ubrica One Biomedical Industrial City in Kenya (BMIC). We will build Ubrica One on multiple disparate land parcels all aggregating to approximately 4,000-acres. The complete project will be multiple master-planned biomedical industrial parks with specialty hospitals fashioned as academic medical centers (“AMCs”), research facilities, residential areas, and specialized industrial zones.

The project will host a Children & Women’s AMC, a Heart & Lungs AMC, a Neuroscience & Rehabilitation AMC, a Trauma & Orthopedic AMC, an Eye & Ear AMC, a Cancer Hospital & Hospice Care AMC, a Tropical & Infectious Diseases AMC, a Renal & Urologic AMC, a Gastro-Intestinal Diseases AMC.

We will issue 300 million Ubricon. This will be used for the development of BMIC. We will identify and hire architects, engineers and planners who will be responsible for developing the project scope and planning the implementation of the BMIC.

These funds will be used to do feasibility studies which will include Physical planning, geotechnical studies, suitability analysis, Architecture, Engineering, Economic planners, Construction planning, Security, Information technology.

Holders of Ubricoin will receive discounted services at the biomedical industrial Center. The discounted services will include: healthcare services, hospitality and tourism. The users of BMIC will receive loyalty point.

For more information Visit…/9-ubrica-one-biomedical-industrial…/

Ubricoin Summit: A Deep Dive into the World of Modern Money – Cryptocurrency and Crypto-economics

September, Friday 21 to Saturday 22, 2018
Theme: Wealth, Wellness and Wellbeing
Location: Leleshwa Getaway, Glass Lane, Nairobi

Naomi Ng’endo Thotho: Tel +254 7 08 458 701
Jane Mbithe Jeremiah:  Tel + 254 7 27 254 256

On Friday, September 21, 2018 and Saturday, September 22, 2018, Ubrica will take you into a deep dive into the world of modern money.

Ubricoin (UBN) the utility token for the Ubrica project, will help to illustrate how digital money works in the world today. You will work in small groups to unravel the mystery of money with the help of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts from UBRICA.


US $50 or 100 UBN

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Venue: Leleshwa Getaway

Program Coordinator: NAOMI NG’ENDO THOTHO


Time Activity Subject Person Responsible
9:00 AM Introduction to Ubrica project 4th Element of health production Dr Macharia Waruingi
9:30 AM The Three pillars Smart contract pillar

Human engagement pillar

Project pillars

Maxwell Barasa
10:30 AM Blockchain What is blockchain Jordan Muthemba
11:00 AM How does blockchain work Samuel Wanyoike
12:00 PM Why blockchain Susan Nyambura Njuguna
12:30 PM LUNCH
2:00 PM Human Engagement (Soko Janja) Connecting with you

   (field work)

Leila Akwabi
2:30 PM Enrollment


Cynthia Ngaruiya/Brenda Njuki
3:00 PM Buying from Soko Janja Christine Njeri
3:30 PM Order fulfilment/transport Triza Kangethe
4:30 PM Ubricoin What is Ubricoin Richard Gitau
5:00 PM Buying ubricoin Solomon Kinyanjui
5:30 PM Using ubricoin Peter Kabi



9:00 AM Paying for services with ubricoin Kelvin Kamiti
9:30 AM Paying for things with ubricoin. Alexander Thuo
10:30 AM Other benefits of ubricoin. Ubricoin in Ubrica Retail Clinical Centres


11:00 AM Ubricoin in Science and Technology Park


Purity Muthua
11:30 AM Ubricoin in Biomedical Industrial City


Wahito Wachira
 12:00 PM Ubricoin in social media Ivyonne Kimani

Joseph Amoko

Benedict Kaseraire

12:30 PM Networking/Buying Ubricoin


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Ubrica Stands for Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa 

We are a life science and health production (LSHP) organization. We sponsor investments in:

     – life science comprising pharmaceuticals and medical devices,
     – fully integrated health production by building sustainable one health communities involving people co-operating in a retail network combined with health delivery system, and
     – specialized real estate for life science and global health production. 


How to buy Ubricoin

To buy Ubricoin you must have Ether.

Go to  to buy your Ether. (You can pay for Ether using Mpesa, PayPal, Cash in person, Bank transfer and others).


Create an account at through the Log In button. Use your account to buy Ethers.

Then send the Ether directly from wallet to your Ethereum wallet you had created earlier. If you do not have an Ethereum wallet, Click here to learn how to create one.

To buy Ubricoins click the link below to retrieve Ubricoin contract address from Etherscan

When the Etherscan webpage opens copy the full Ubrica contract address by clicking the copy button (make sure you use that button so that you don’t miss some letters or numbers of the address).

After copying the Ubricoin contract address, open your Ethereum wallet and click SEND.


Paste the Ubrica contract address as the Recipient Address.

Enter the amount of Ether you want to send, and then hit NEXT.

Click CONFIRM to buy the Ubricoins. The gas price is automatically set but you can increase it to reduce the time spent to verify your transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed it will be written Confirmed on the transaction. This will automatically have your Ubricoins moved from the Ubrica contract to your Ethereum wallet.

The transaction may take some time depending on the gas price you have set. On the left side of metamask there are three lines showing navigation menu, click on the lines to expand the menu. Go to ADD TOKEN.

The next window will ask you to search for the Token or custom token. Choose custom token and on Token Address paste the Ubrica contract address. The wallet will automatically fill in the remaining details (i.e., the Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision). When you click NEXT you are required to confirm by clicking ADD TOKEN.

You should now be able to see the number of Ubricoins you bought in your wallet.


By Susan Njuguna

Buy Ubricoin

How to participate in the Ubricoin pre-sale 

During Pre-sale, you will need to have a Metamask wallet. You can create a wallet following the steps outlined below.After creating your wallet buy ether from or any other exchange.

Once you have ether on your wallet, send to the Ubrcioin smart contract  address shown below;


How to use Metamask

Part 1: Installing metamask.

  • Step 1: Click  here to install Metamask.
  • Step 2: Click “Add to chrome”.
  • Step 3: Click”Add Extension” to confirm and Metamask will be added.

Part 2: Creating a new wallet.

  • Step 1: Click the Metamask logo.
  • Step 2: Read and agree to the Metamask terms and conditions.
  • Step 3: Click “create a new vault”.
  • Step 4: Enter a string password and click “OK”
  • Step 5: Metamask will now show you  your seed.It is very important that you copy and store those in words without them you cannot restore your wallet.



Soko Janja will be the principal mechanism for distribution and adoption of Ubricoin. People will use Ubricoin on Soko Janja for purchasing and in turn they will receive incentives and rewards. People will be able to acquire Ubricoins on Soko Janja and get loyalty points. They will then use the Ubricoin and reuse the loyalty points to access other services in the Ubrica ecosystem including the URCCs, uSTPs and BMIC. Soko Janja will help to build a community of users.

10.1.        MARKET SCALING

We will launch the test phase for the product in Kenya, where we will connect to about 50 users’ per-day for an average of 20 days per month. That will be an average of 1000 people per month. During this test phase, we will enroll people as manufacturers and suppliers. Our social media team will reach at least 5 million people. The conversion ratio is 0.0001%, this means only 1 person in a million will respond to an e-commerce site. In other words 5 million people would produce 5 active users. Sustained campaign would produce gradual growth until a tipping point where hundreds people would convert to active users, we expect to reach the tipping point in 5 years of sustained campaigned. From there we expect exponential growth of user-base to reach tens of millions of active users

We will use the platform to gather valuable data that will be key for further development of the platform. We will be able to estimate the precision of the discovery results and the possibility of finding a better deal on some of the unlisted manufacturers and suppliers.

10.2.       Market maintenance/ Artificial intelligence

User profiling is a key to developing a strong artificial intelligence algorithm. We will use our main website (, Ubrica Global Journal System (, Ubrica website ( and Soko Janja ( to gather data on user behavior. The Ubricoin platform itself will be gathering online behavioral data. We will use this data for the machine learning process to produce more precise user profiling in Ubrica. The data will help us to launch initial global communication campaign for acquiring partners.

10.3.       Acquiring Ubricoins

There are two ways people can get involved with Ubricoin

  • Purchasing the Ubrica token through
  • Proof of excellence reward system, by joining the proof of excellence reward system you get a chance to take part in developing an excellent community. This include rating people who do good in the community and purchasing locally produced goods in Soko Janja.

In both cases, you will be increasing the value of the currency and participating in the global health program. When you purchase goods on Soko Janja you help in activating the local and the village level commerce.  By buying from each other you increase value through mutual exchange facilitated by a peer-to-peer fair trading system. As a custom token and a solution, specially designed to ensure universal health access, Ubricoin has a highly promising future of a healthy community and excellent services both in the education and health sector. A community based, driven and owned system where people will be able to buy directly from each other without mediators and access quality health care.