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Ubrica gave away approximately two billion Ubricoins (UBN) between December 21, 2018 and March 31, 2019 to a target group of users in emerging market in Africa. The goal of the giveaway was to develop an Ubricoin User Community comprising people who would use UBN to exchange mutual value (see, e.g., Bendell, Slater & Ruddick, 2015).  The giveaway would kick off the process of adoption of blockchain technology and crypto-currency in the emerging market in Africa along Roger’s (1962) diffusion of innovation curve. The giveaway would also facilitate scaling of UBN user network to achieve Metcalfe (1980) effect. Details of the distribution process are described elsewhere (Waruingi, et al. 2018)

Todiscover the effect of UBN giveaway, on its recipients we have created a series of didactic encounters formulated as educative seminars for UBN holders. The purpose of the seminars will be to elaborate the details of the Ubrica Project, the role of Soko Janja in creating selling power that would underwrite health financing in emerging markets, and Ubricoin’s work as currency to provide liquidity for health and human development.

Each seminar will be a 3-hr session, held every Monday, from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM, beginning April 2019.


Topics covered in the Seminar will include

UBRICA – Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa

A knowledge conversion enterprise

Commitment to knowledge

The Ubrica Project – projects, money, and humans


  • University Science and Technology Parks
  • Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers
  • Biomedical Industrial City

Money Project

  • Financial engineering
  • Funding scientific knowledge

Human Project

  • Soko Janja
  • Ubricoin


Pay participation fee 100 UBN remitted to Ubricoin address at 0xDB13025b219dB5e4529f48b65Ff009a26B6Ae733. (Copy and paste the address as it is to your Ubricoin wallet, and send 100 UBN to this address)

Participants completing seminar will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information, call, text or WhatsApp +254 755 844 017, or send email to info@ubrica.com

Join our Telegram Group